What did Kingsley do to Alexia?

What did Kingsley do to Alexia?

Kim Richards’ pitbull terrier Kingsley savaged her niece Alexia so badly that the teen was left needing surgery. The attack on the 18-year-old saw the dog bite her multiple times, with the most severe wound ripping through the flesh on her hand to reach the bone in her thumb.

What happened to Kim’s dog Rhobh?

Kingsley is used to the home being full of children and since the kids have gone away, the house has become quiet. While the two have been very close and friendly in the past, the dog has become very protective of me in the meantime.

Does Kim have Kingsley?

Kim adopted Kingsley — a male pit bull — as a puppy in 2013; he lived with her, her late ex-husband Monty Brinson and her children at a Sherman Oaks, California, property.

What happened to kingsly?

Kingsley has been on YouTube for a decade, and said he initially stepped away from Twitter roughly a year ago — which was rife with police brutality videos, racially-charged arguments, and mass shootings — in a bid to preserve his mental health.

Did Kim Richards dog bite Alexia?

On Saturday morning, Kim Richards’ dog Kingsley bit her 18-year-old niece, Alexia, numerous times while the family was visiting at her Los Angeles-area home. Alexia was rushed to the hospital and mother Kyle Richards has been sharing pics of her with the rest of her children visiting her bedside.

What happened to Alexia Umansky dog bite?

Kyle Richards’ Daughter Alexia Umansky Left College, Nearly Lost Finger After Attack By Kim Richards’ Pet. As Kyle Richards’ daughter Alexia Umansky recovers from a bite from Kim Richards’ dog, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that she left college after the vicious attack.

How did Kim’s dog bite Kyle’s daughter?

In November 2014, one of Kyle’s daughters was visiting Kim at the Sherman Oaks property when Kingsley bit her on the hand, which “required hospitalization and treatment,” the suit states. “This incident caused a conflict between [Kyle] and [Kim].”

Who is Kyle Richards best friend?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards took to social media to remember her childhood best friend, Lorene Shea, who passed away on May 1 after struggles with mental illness. Kyle Richards is remembering her late best friend, Lorene Shea.

Why do Kyle and Kathy not get along?

When the show aired in 2018, she revealed that one of the reasons her relationship with Kathy was in a bad place was because of the series. “[My relationship with Kathy] is not great,” Kyle said on the season 8 reunion of RHOBH, admitting that they hadn’t spoken in six months due to American Woman.