What did The Rock say to Austin after WrestleMania 19?

What did The Rock say to Austin after WrestleMania 19?

“I whispered to him, ‘I Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me. ‘ And I said, ‘I love you. ‘ He said, ‘I love you too. ‘ I hit him on the chest, and I left him in the ring,” The Rock said during an Instagram Q&A.

How many times did Rock and Austin fight at WrestleMania?

Austin and the Rock clashed 10 times in televised singles competition of the course of their careers, with their trilogy of matches at WrestleMania being among the best bouts of their entire careers, much less their specific rivalry.

Did Austin ever wrestle Hogan?

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan is the biggest wrestling match that never happened. Along with The Rock and Ric Flair, Austin and Hogan are the two biggest names the business has ever seen, perhaps the very top two.

Will Hulk Hogan be at WrestleMania?

It’s official: wrestling legend Hulk Hogan will return to WWE. The organization announced on Friday that Hogan will host WrestleMania 30 on April 6 in New Orleans, according to WWE.com. Naturally, Hogan is thrilled to be back in the mix, per WWE.com: Words cannot express how excited I am to be back in the WWE family.

Do The Rock and Stone Cold friends?

Despite being long-time rivals on-screen, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin are the closest of friends in real life. Although their paths have changed since their days in WWE, they remain close. Two of the most popular Superstars in WWE history faced each other for the first time in 1997.

Why did Austin leave WWE?

Unfortunately, Austin’s wrestling career was cut short because of injuries. He was forced to retire from in-ring competition in 2003 after he wrestled Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at WrestleMania XIX.

Did Rock beat Steve Austin?

The Rock had never defeated Steve Austin at the grandest stage of all. It was Austin 3:16 who had the last laugh on him both times at Wrestlemania. But the trilogy between them finally came to an end where The People’s champ defeated The Texas Rattlesnake.

Why Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan never happened?

‘It didn’t happen because Steve didn’t push for it’ Jim Ross, the legendary announcer and a close associate of Stone Cold said that from a stylistic point of view the Texas Rattlesnake did not like the matchup. “Austin had it in his mind that Hogan’s style and Austin’s styles were oil and water.

Who was a bigger draw Hogan or Austin?

“Hogan was a big draw for more years than Austin. But Austin’s grosses were so huge that his few years were bigger than all of Hogan’s put together.

Is Hulk Hogan coming back to WWE 2022?

Published 11th March 2022. Hulk Hogan has confirmed that he won’t be returning to action as a number of recent surgeries have taken their toll. Ric Flair, Mick Foley and even Shawn Michaels have repeatedly demonstrated the allure of the elusive ‘one more match’ for a professional wrestler.

Did Stone Cold get fired from WWE?

So, when he joined the WWE in 1996, he remodeled his gimmick as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. It was just his character, who was an anti-hero; however, Steve Austin was loved by the fans on a different level. Unfortunately, Austin’s wrestling career was cut short because of injuries.

Did The Rock and Stone Cold ever fight?

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock might be the most iconic feud in the history of WWE. It’s certainly one of the biggest and highest drawing feuds in WrestleMania history as the pair headlined 15, 17 and 19, the latter of which was Stone Cold’s final WWE match ever.

Who did Stone Cold lose to at WrestleMania?

The Rock
And, of course, for his struggles, Austin had earned an ice-cold refreshing can of beer – along with the cans he drank during the match – which he downed to a standing ovation. The last time he set foot in the ring at WrestleMania 19, he lost against The Rock.