What does 500L mean?

What does 500L mean?

The 500L derives its name from Fiat’s widely known 500 models, including the original 1957 Fiat 500 and the current Fiat 500, introduced in 2007. Underscoring its increased length and overall size over other 500 variants, the suffix L denotes “large.”

How long is a Fiat Cinquecento?

Fiat Cinquecento
Wheelbase 2,200 mm (86.6 in)
Length 3,230 mm (127.2 in) 3,226 mm (127.0 in) (Sporting)
Width 1,490 mm (58.7 in) 1,486 mm (58.5 in) (Sporting)
Height 1,435 mm (56.5 in)

What are the dimensions of a 2012 Fiat 500?

140-144″ L x 64″ W x 59-60″ H2012 FIAT 500 / Dimensions

How long is a Fiat 500 in meters?

The Fiat 500 (2015) has an overall length of 11’4” (3.57 m), wheelbase of 7.6′ (2.31 m), a width of 5’4” (1.63 m), and height of 4’11”-5′ (1.49-1.52 m). The Fiat 500 is an iconic Italian subcompact car known for its personality and easy urban driving.

Are all Fiat 500 the same size?

See the table below for a comprehensive list of dimensions for the Fiat 500 2021 including the height, width, length and more for each vehicle. The height, measured from the ground to the top of the car is 1488mm across all variants. The width is 1627mm across all variants. The length is 3571mm across all variants.

Which Fiat is the biggest?

Fiat 500X
Fiat 500X. This Fiat model is the largest model in the lineup.

How wide is a Fiat 500 inside?

The width is 1627mm across all variants….Fiat 500 Dimensions 2020.

Fiat 500 Height 1488mm
Fiat 500 Width 1627mm
Fiat 500 Length 3571mm
Fiat 500 Ground clearance unladen 0mm
Fiat 500 Wheelbase 2300mm

How long and wide is a Fiat 500?

Used 2019 FIAT 500 Specs & Features

Length 139.6 in.
Overall Width with Mirrors 73.5 in.
Overall Width without Mirrors 64.1 in.
Height 59.8 in.

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Can you fit 4 adults in a Fiat 500?

Fiat 500 interior space & storage The Fiat 500 is small, but still manages to pack space for four adults – although getting in and out can be tricky due to the Fiat 500s three-door layout.

Is the Fiat 500L an SUV?

The Fiat 500L is technically a crossover SUV. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s quite a bit smaller than a regular SUV. It does have 7-passenger seating. However, the back seats are so small that it is hard to fit two adults in the third row.

Can you fit a suitcase in a Fiat 500?

The ‘cab forward’ design frees up passenger space inside. It means the Fiat 500L can easily accommodate five passengers with five suitcases.

What is the length of a 2013 Fiat 500?

139.6 to 144.4″2013 FIAT 500 / Length

What does Cinquecento stand for?

Cinquecento. The cultural and artistic events of Italy during the period 1500 to 1599 are collectively referred to as the Cinquecento ( Italian pronunciation: [ˌtʃiŋkweˈtʃɛnto] ), from the Italian for the number 500, in turn from millecinquecento, which is Italian for the year 1500. Cinquecento encompasses the styles and events…

What does a Fiat Cinquecento look like?

The Cinquecento featured a tall, black, wrapped-around plastic bumper that sported the grille needed to cool the engine at the front. Its small headlights with corner-mounted turn signals and the Fiat badge enhanced the car’s front fascia.

What is the smallest engine in a Cinquecento?

The smallest engine, intended for sale in Poland only, was a 704 cc OHV two cylinder unit, delivering 31 metric horsepower (23 kW) or 30 metric horsepower (22 kW) with catalyst. Cinquecento inherited this unit from the 126p BIS, an evolution of the 126p which was cancelled when the Cinquecento production started.

How much does a Cinquecento Elettra cost?

Unlike purpose built electric cars, the Cinquecento Elettra used two battery packs, one in the engine bay and one under the rear seats, replacing the fuel tank. Although selling for 140,000 francs (~US$23,000), the Cinquecento Elettra enjoyed relative popularity in Italy, France and Switzerland.