What does API SF mean?

What does API SF mean?

An API service rating of “SF” means the oil meets all new car warranty requirements for 1981 and newer models. “SE” means the oil is usable in all 1972-1980 vehicles. “SD” means the oil is good for all 1968-1971 cars.

What is CC grade oil?

CC — Diesel Engine Service Oils designed for this service provide protection from high-temperature deposits and bearing corrosion in these diesel engines and also from rust, corrosion and low-temperature deposits in gasoline engines. These oils were introduced in 1961.

What is API CD oil?

API CD was first introduced in 1955 for certain indirect-injection, naturally-aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged diesel engines running on fuels with a wide quality range (including high-sulfur fuels). Oils designed for this service have requirements for corrosion, piston deposits and soot handling.

What is CC and CD oil?

Oil quality grades for diesel engines: CC – for light diesel engines; prevents the accumulation of dirt generated during high-temperature operation. • CD – for heavily operated four-stroke diesel engines; with additives to prevent abrasion and accumulation of deposits.

What is SF 10w40 oil?

Accel SAE 10W-40 SF grade oil has a zinc additive that helps protect older engines, especially air-cooled engines on lawnmowers, motorcycles, garden tractors, etc. This “SF” rated oil has more zinc than the newer oils–this provides extra lubricity for camshafts, etc.

What is SF 15w40?

MOTOR OIL SF 15W-40 is a multi functional mineral engine oil for older gasoline-, diesel- and LGP engines of passenger car and light vans with or without turbo compressor. MOTOR OIL SF 15W-40 is not suited for engines equipped with a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF).

What is API and SAE?

SAE is the Society Of Automotive Engineers (USA). The SAE rating of an oil is a measure of its viscosity (eg 20W50). API is the American Petroleum Institute. The API rating of an engine oil covers the performance rating of the oil (e.g. SM for petrol, CF for diesel).

What is API SN CF oil?

In 2010 the American Petroleum Institute introduced a new engine oil category under the name API SN and a new supplemental category called Resource Conserving. The API SN category is an improvement over the API SM category in the following areas: High temperature deposit protection for pistons. Better sludge control.

Can I use SN oil instead of SF?

The “S” series is composed of SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ, SL, SM and SN. SN oils provide higher levels of performance than all the other “S” oils. API Categories SA through SH are obsolete, and oils labelled SN can be used in their place.

What is SF 15w40 oil?

Is SAE the same as API?

What is CF oil rating?

The first part, SJ, is a petrol engine oil rating, with the S representing petrol engine and J representing the performance level or additive package type. The second part,CF, is a diesel engine oil rating, ‘C’ being diesel and ‘F’ being the performance level.

What does API certified mean?

API certified inspectors and personnel are recognized worldwide as professionals who are fully knowledgeable of the relevant industry inspection codes and standards, and who are capable of performing their jobs in accordance with the latest and most acceptable industry inspection practices.

What are API service classifications?

The current API Service Classification is SN The suffixes (0, 5, 10, 15 and 25) followed by the letter W designate the engine oil’s “winter” grade. Look to your owner’s manual. It specifies the viscosity grade required for your car’s engine. Today, the most common grades are 5W-30 and 10W-30.

What is API SM CF?

Fully Synthetic Gasoline Engine Oil is a unique fully synthetic lubricant for ultimate engine protection and performance.