What does blueberry inflation feel like?

What does blueberry inflation feel like?

The butt instantly doubles in size as the stomach starts increasing in size, with the inflation speeding up. The whole body then starts swelling, doubling the size of the victim’s cheeks and slowly sucking the victim’s head, feet, and arms into their body, all the while increasing in size.

How did Violet turn into a blueberry?

Violet rudely snaps that she holds the world record in chewing gum and begins anyway, ignoring Wonka’s protests. However, the blueberry pie stage is defective, which causes Violet to turn blue, inflate, and expand into a giant blueberry.

What did Violet do in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

In order to accomplish this, Violet temporarily laid of her habit of chewing gum and switched to candy bars which eventually led her to find the third golden ticket just after beating two of her karate instructors unconscious.

Who plays the bubble gum girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Denise Nickerson, best known for her role as the bratty, bubble gum-blowing Violet Beauregarde in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” died Wednesday night after complications from seizures and a stroke, her family said. She was 62.

Is Violet Beauregarde a tomboy?

Violet Beauregarde is a character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She is one of the 5 lucky winners of the Golden Tickets. She is a tomboy and she often chews gum.

What happened Veruca Salt?

Veruca screams and plummets, which in turn leads down to an incinerator, because she’s described as a “bad nut,” according to Mr. Wonka’s claiming mentions. He assures her father that she “may be stuck in the chute” and all her father has to do is “just reach in and pull her out”.

Is Wonka gum real?

Wonka’s Magic Chewing Gum, also known as 3-Course Dinner Gum, is a fictional gum created by Willy Wonka in The Inventing Room of his factory. It is unknown how many flavor combinations Wonka has planned out, and the only one known that tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie.

Why did Violet keep chewing the gum?

Violet Beauregarde (b. January 22) is one of the five children who won a Golden Ticket in the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She chews gum to keep her concentration.

How old is Violet Baudelaire now?

Violet is fourteen years old at the beginning of the series, turns fifteen in The Grim Grotto, and is sixteen upon leaving the Island during Chapter Fourteen.

What happened to Violet when she chews the gum that wasn’t ready?

Wonka warns Violet that the gum has not been perfected. But before he can finish, Violet seizes the gum and throws it into her mouth. Violet immediately begins tasting the soup and says how delicious it is.

Who played Veruca Salt?

Julie Dawn Cole
Star of the 1971 movie, the ever-fabulous Julie Dawn Cole who played the brilliantly vile Veruca Salt, told Metro.co.uk: “I was 12 when we started it – you have no concept of time when you’re 12! If somebody had told me I’d still be talking about this film in 50 years time, it’s a crazy thought.

Where does Violet put her gum?

When it comes to being polite, Violet simply… isn’t. She doesn’t have many manners – she takes her gum out and sticks it behind her ear – even in an edible roomful of candy (15.11).

Did Veruca Salt survive?

In the West End production, Veruca and her father both die after they go down the nutcracker. In the Broadway production Mr. Salt survives and he goes to rescue his daughter after she is torn apart by the squirrels.

What happens to gum when you chew it too long?

When we chew gum, we exercise our jaw muscles – and similar to any other muscle group in the body that gets overworked, constant and aggressive gum chewing can tire these muscles and cause painful spasms in our jaw, neck and head, which can lead to the development of a condition called temporomandibular dysfunction (or …

What is the flavor of Thrills gum?

floral rosewater flavour
A Retro Candy favourite, or not, that was first made in Canada. Either way, this purple gum and it’s distinctive floral rosewater flavour is unforgettable! Love it or hate-we got it. And yes, It Still Tastes Like Soap!

What happens to Violet when she chews the gun that wasn’t ready?

Beauregarde asks Violet not to do anything silly, but Violet ignores her mother. Mr. Wonka warns Violet that the gum has not been perfected. But before he can finish, Violet seizes the gum and throws it into her mouth.