What does cash on the barrelhead mean?

What does cash on the barrelhead mean?

Immediate payment
Immediate payment, as in They won’t extend credit; it’s cash on the barrelhead or no sale.

Who wrote Cash on the barrelhead?

Ira Louvin
Charlie Louvin
Cash on the Barrel Head/Composers

What is on the barrelhead?

or on the barrel. if you pay cash on the barrelhead or on the barrel for something, you pay for it immediately and in cash. The British expression is on the nail. Customers usually pay cash on the barrelhead, so bad debts aren’t much of a problem.

Where does cash on the nail come from?

Cash on the nail is a British idiom that means immediate payment, payment without any delay. The term cash on the nail is derived from an Anglo-Norman phrase, payer sur le ungle , which means immediate payment in full. The word ungle is derived from the Latin word unguis, which means fingernail or toenail.

Where does cash on the barrel head?

Cash on the barrelhead is an American idiom with the same meaning as the British expression cash on the nail(or nail head), meaning immediate payment up front before any goods or services are received. When you are expected to put cash on the barrelhead you are expected to pay without delay, with no credit allowed.

What does cash on the nail mean?

if you pay cash on the nail for something, you pay for it immediately and in cash. The American expression is on the barrelhead.

What is the meaning of the idiom high and dry?

Definition of high and dry 1 : being out of reach of the current or tide or out of the water. 2 : being in a helpless or abandoned position.

What does the phrase a barrel full of bears mean?

a person without fear
A Barrel full of bears mean a person without fear or a feeling of anxiety about something that may happen. Here the poet compared Belinda’s braveness with a barrel full of bears. In America the meaning of the name Percival is a destroyer.

What does barrel mean in slang?

Prepositional phrase in the barrel. (slang) In an unpleasant or dangerous situation.

Where did the phrase fight tooth and nail come from?

Engage in vigorous combat or make a strenuous effort, using all one’s resources. For example, I’m going to fight tooth and nail for that promotion. This expression, with its allusion to biting and scratching, was first recorded in 1576. GOOSES.

Why was the dragon named as custard?

The name of grey mouse is blink. The little yellow dog had yellow colour and so she calls him mustard and the dragon that was a coward means was a weakling was called custard.

Who are coward in the poem The Tale of Custard the Dragon?

Belinda’s, kitten, mouse and dog were very brave but the dragon was a coward. One day, a pirate came armed with a pistol into their house. Except the dragon, Custard, all the others were terrified of the pirate. Custard attacked the pirate and gobbled him up.

What is a thick head?

Definition of thickhead : a stupid person : blockhead.

What is a barrel girl?

Barrel racers are a special type of cowgirl! They’re hardworking, strong willed, and fearless.

What is the meaning of the idiom miss the boat?

1. Fail to take advantage of an opportunity, as in Jean missed the boat on that club membership. This expression, which alludes to not being in time to catch a boat, has been applied more widely since the 1920s. 2.

What is the meaning of idiom black and blue?

badly bruised
or to beat someone black and blue. phrase. If you say that someone is black and blue, you mean that they are badly bruised. The next day I was black and blue and couldn’t move my neck.