What does Flower by Kenzo smell like?

What does Flower by Kenzo smell like?

Flower by Kenzo is intense and sensual oriental fragrance with opoponax resin, white musk, vanilla, almond and Bulgarian rose notes. All three textures are presented in traditional Flower by Kenzo red bottle.

What does Kenzo by Kenzo smell like?

Flower by Kenzo was launched in 2000. Flower by Kenzo was created by Alberto Morillas and Christian Dussoulier. Top notes are Bulgarian Rose, Hawthorn, Black Currant and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Parma Violet, Rose, Opoponax and Jasmine; base notes are Vanilla, White Musk and Incense.

Which flower reflects Flower by Kenzo?

the poppy
This sparkling fragrance by KENZO reveals the fresh and light facets of the poppy, its emblematic red flower.

What is Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie?

Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie by Kenzo is a Floral fragrance for women. Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie was launched in 2019. Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie was created by Alberto Morillas, Marie Salamagne and Fabrice Pellegrin.

Is Kenzo Flower perfume good?

Flower by Kenzo is a really comforting fragrance, without being overly warm and heavy. It’s the kind of scent that leads one to think of nuzzling their nose into the softest cashmere in the brightest shade of white.

Is Kenzo Flower good?

It was Flower by Kenzo, and the proprietor praised me for picking it out, calling it a “good choice.” When she sprayed it, it smelled like violets, softness, and baby powder, like the getting-ready process at a sophisticated lady’s vanity table.

Is Kenzo flower nice?

Has Kenzo flower changed?

The iconic fragrance remains unchanged. Every cult fragrance has a story, and that of Flower By Kenzo eau de parfum has for two decades been intimately linked to the evocative power of a flower, the poppy, the symbol of a fragrance that embodies softness, simplicity and joy.

Is Kenzo perfume long lasting?

30ml – long lasting Long lasting EDP. I bought this for my sister birthday gift and she like it a lot. Bottle design is unique, safe delivery, flower smell is gentle and light.

Is Kenzo perfume a good brand?

Kenzo has been an innovative and respected French design house for about 45 years now. In that time, it has also established a name and niche following in the world of fragrance. It grabbed praise and attention with it’s signature scent, Flower, and has produced unique and highly feminine perfumes ever since.

Has Kenzo Flower changed?

Is Kenzo Flower nice?

Why is Kenzo flower reserved for private use?

Thus Kenzo Flower is now reserved for private wearing only. Which is unfortunate because to me it portrays a little piece of calm in a chaotic world and there are days and situations in which that little aura of calmness would be much appreciated.

What does Kenzo flower by Kenzo perfume feel like?

I had a miniature of that perfume and after it has finished I was not missing it)). Somewhat weird feeling Flower by Kenzo was giving, cold notes and fresh notes and a very special deep note of unknown flower or plant which is the most important and it starts with that note, keeps with it and finishes with it.

What is flower by Kenzo made out of?

To create it, he used a natural violet leaf, essence of acacia flower, linalyl acetate, geraniol and citronellol (molecules found in jasmine and rose). To make it smell “red,” he mixed pure and synthetic vanillas, a warm molecule called heliotropin and the kerosene-vaporlike scent of benzyl acetate. Flower by Kenzo was introduced in 2000.

Why did they make a poppy for Kenzo?

Lobadowsky wanted to create what she thought of as “a flower stronger than a gun.” Since Kenzo loved poppies, she and creative director Patrick Guedj envisioned that flower as a red poppy, a flower that — you guessed it — has no scent.