What does Fotte mean in Chamorro?

What does Fotte mean in Chamorro?

fotte | Chamorro Dictionary adjective. intense (of character); lusty; lustful; energetic; robust; powerful; excessive. 2) strong — in taste, alcohol content. etymology. From Spanish fuerte, meaning “strong”.

What does Primo mean in Chamorro?

primu | Chamorro Dictionary From Spanish primo, meaning male cousin.

What is elbow Chamorro?

sokkok | Chamorro Dictionary To elbow; nudge; jog; jostle; jolt; poke (with the elbow); kick (with the knee); thrust.

How do you say my name is in Chamorro?

The Chamorro language is experiencing a resurgence, and we Guamanians are proud….Simple Chamorro Greetings.

Chamorro English
Na’an hu si My name is . . .
Hunggan Yes
Ahe’ No
Adios Goodbye

How do you say Crown in Chamorro?

rimulinu | Chamorro Dictionary noun. Cowlick, crown (of the head), a place on the head where the hair grows in a whirl pattern.

What are the vowels in Chamorro?

The Vowels or I Buet å – Pronounced like the a in father or papa. e – Pronounced like the e in bed or test. i – Pronounced like ee in feet. o – Pronounced like the o in go, but shorter.

What does Raina mean in Chamorro?

raina | Chamorro Dictionary

entry raina
meaning Queen.
additional comments laraina, raraina

What does Pari mean in Chamorro?

for the dudes
The children call their godfather “Nino” and their godmother, “Nina” and the respective parents refer to each other as either mali’ (for the women) or pari’ (for the dudes).

What is knee Chamorro?

Knee; elbow. tommon kånnai. Elbow, literally: knee of the hand. tommon kodu.

How do you say shut up in Chamorro?

famatkilu | Chamorro Dictionary Be silent; be quiet; hush; shut up. (Command form).

What does Malagu mean in Chamorro?

house; home; shelter; refuge; dwelling; dormitory; building. etymology. From Proto-Austronesian Rumaq, meaning “house”. examples. Malagu’ yu’ dångkulu na guma’.

What does Atrasao mean in Chamorro?

åtrasao | Chamorro Dictionary Late; tardy; not being on time.

What does Hafa mean in Chamorro?

The Chamorro phrase of the day is “Hafa Adai!” (pronounced as Half A Day), which means hi or hello. “Hafa Adai!” is used the same way as the word “Aloha” in the Hawaiian Islands.

What are Chamorros mixed with?

The Chamorros are primarily Austronesian, but many also have Spanish, Mexican or Filipino ancestry. Native Guamanians, ethnically called Chamorros, descend primarily from Austronesian peoples and may also have other ancestries, such as Spanish, Mexican, Filipino, or Japanese.

What is Glota Chamorro?

‘ – The glota, or glottal stop, can only be defined as a sudden stop. It’s that sound you hear when you say uh oh. The glota only follows a vowel and the addition not only changes the sound but the word’s meaning.

What does Kao mean in Chamorro?

kao. pronunciation. meaning. Question marker (general).

What does Queen mean in Chamorro?

What does Talu mean in Chamorro?

1) noon; afternoon. 2) midday; the hours of the day when the sun is at its peak. etymology. From Chamorro talo’ (middle) + ha’åni (day) examples.

How do you say fat in Chamorro?

chebot | Chamorro Dictionary Fat; corpulent; fleshy; chubby; plump; stocky; obese; stout; portly.

What is NENI Chamorro?

neni | Chamorro Dictionary 1) a baby, an infant, a little kid. 2) a term of endearment equivalent to saying “dear”,”darling”,”honey” or “sweetie”.