What does melee prowess do in Warframe?

What does melee prowess do in Warframe?

Melee Prowess is a mod that increases the status chance of melee weapons.

What are the best melee mods in Warframe?

Melee Mods

Name Description
Amalgam Organ Shatter Increases critical hit damage Increases charge attack speed
Auger Strike Increases Puncture damage
Berserker Fury Temporarily increases attack speed after scoring a critical hit
Blood Rush Increases critical hit chance as the Melee Combo Counter increases

Are weeping wounds worth it?

Weeping Wounds can often be significantly more powerful than a single dual stat mod in increasing pure status chance. Weapons with at least 19% base status chance can reach 100% status chance when using Weeping Wounds at a 12x combo multiplier.

Is Broken war Good Warframe?

The Broken War is one of the best single-sword weapons in the entire game. It’s such a solid weapon to have and use.

Do Gladiator mods stack?

Nope. Gladiator set bonus works if one of mods equiped on sentinel weapon. It work based on counter number minus 1 = 2x counter means 1 stack of Gladiator set bonus and etc.

Why is the Xoris good?

The Xoris strikes rapidly and with great devastation. It is capable of chaining combos infinitely. Corpus glaive possessing high attack speed and uniquely has infinite combo duration. Built from Parvos Granum’s Specter technology, it is effective against dispatching Errant Specters in the Granum Void.

Is spring loaded blade good?

Spring loaded blade with one stack is 0.1 worse than reach. Maxed berserker is almost 50% better than primed fury. Maxed spring loaded blade is 33% worse than primed reach. When compring them its clear that spring loaded blade is far worse than just using primed reach.

What is the rarest mod in Warframe?

Primed Chamber Mod is by far the most valuable and expensive item in Warframe. The bonuses it grants can be easily matched by well-rolled Riven Mods, but it’s considered a legendary collector’s item, to which it owes its’ astounding price.

Is war worse than broken war?

its really all depends on your play style. War is a heavy blade, and broken war is a sort sword. Both weapons are good. Remember that there is nothing wrong with the car, is all about what kind of gas he’s putting into it.

Is Pangolin prime better than broken war?

Pangolin Prime is the best, stat wise.

Are augur mods good?

Augur Pact is a mod for Pistols that increases their damage by a certain percentage based on the rank of the mod. The additional damage can help with Pistol builds and is quite a good trade for other mods that you may swap out for it.

What does Gladiator finesse do?

Gladiator Finesse is a set mod that uses a Warframe’s residual energy pool as an emergency buffer to prevent death when the Warframe’s health reaches 2.

Is the Paracesis better than the broken war?

Paracesis is better stat-wise than War, but War is still a very good weapon in its own right.