What does RS Means stand for?

What does RS Means stand for?

Acronym Definition
RS Right Side
RS Request to Send
RS Remote Sensing
RS Royal Society

Does RS mean free?

Free Trial Get started today with your free RSMeans Data Online trial. You’ll be able to test drive our comprehensive library of costs – covering every category of construction, from new construction, to repair and remodeling, facilities maintenance, green building, to residential, and more.

How much is RSMeans?

$889.00 / yr. The Mechanical Costs RSMeans dataset gives you materials, equipment and labor costs to develop reliable cost estimates for even the most complex mechanical construction projects. $889.00 / yr.

What does RS mean in business?

RS Business Abbreviation

2 R.S. Strategy, University, Education
2 RS Stock, Finance, Investing
2 RS Technology, Property, Building
1 R.S. Economics, Rate, Stabilization
1 Rs Economics, Currency, Currency Sign

What does R S mean in texting?


Acronym Definition
R/S Reinforcing Steel (aka rebar)
R/S Religion and/or Spirituality
R/S Respectfully Submit
R/S Rally Sport

What is CostWorks?

CostWorks Estimator is a construction and square foot cost estimator that provides industry-standard construction costs for the current year, including unit, assemblies costs and/or square foot models, crew costs, and reference information.

How do I use RSMeans free trial?

You may access your trial by visiting https://www.rsmeansonline.com and logging in with the same credentials you used during the registration process. If you experience an error after visiting the link above, please logout of your account and try again in a few minutes.

How accurate is RSMeans?

Simply put, RSMeans is the most comprehensive source of accurate construction cost estimates on the market today. RSMeans provides a wide variety of data that allows the user to quickly and easily generate an accurate cost analysis of a new project or renovation.

What does Rs stand for in finance?

Relative strength is a type of momentum investing used by technical analysts and value investors. It consists of selecting investments that have been outperforming their market or benchmark.

What does RS mean in accounting?

But running a business “by the numbers” means that your financial reports needs be built on the 3 Rs: reliability, readability, and regularity: Reliable: To get credible and meaningful output, you’ve got to fix your accounting data and clean up any input errors.

What is Rs in social media?

These are defined as: reporting; requesting; responding; recruiting; “risking”; retaliating; rumouring; remembering; reheating; and “resiliencing”. It is argued that the ability to observe these behaviours through the application of qualitative social media analysis has considerable potential.

What does RS mean in relationships?

What does RS mean? RS stands for Relationship.

What is RS mean in construction?

RSMeans is a database of current construction cost estimates. RSMeans includes data for nearly every facet of a construction project, including materials, labor, transportation, and storage. RSMeans data is exhaustively researched in order to ensure that the numbers provided are as accurate as possible.

Who is the founder of Rs means?

Robert Snow Means
Robert Snow Means was a Civil Engineer who kept meticulous construction costs in a series of leather-bound books he made at his kitchen table. By the early 1940s, his peers were so impressed by his tracking of equipment, material and labor costs they began offering to buy his homemade “cost books.”

What is daily output in RSMeans?

Daily Output RSMeans data represents work done in daylight (or adequate lighting) and temperate conditions.

What does Rs stand for in banking?

Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a registered security. Although most bonds are registered, this symbol is used when a distinction is necessary, as when a bond trades in registered and in bearer form: NoPac 3.47r.

What does Rs stand for sales?

Rs means Retail Sales. Rs is an abbreviation for Retail Sales.