What does sharvari mean?

What does sharvari mean?

Night, Twilight
Name :Sharvari. Meaning :Night, Twilight, Night, lady. Gender :Girl.

What is the Rashi of name sharvari?

Person having name Sharvari are mainly hindu by religion. Rashi of Name Sharvari is kumbha and Nakshatra is hastha.

What does Nisha mean?

The name Nisha is girl’s name of Hindi origin meaning “night”.

What is meaning of shravani name in Marathi?

Shravani is Marathi Girl name and meaning of this name is “Worthy to Listen”.

Who is sharvari Devi?

Ma Sharvari Devi is one of the ancestral deities of the Kullu Kings and also a manifestation of the Goddess Durga. The picturesque location of this temple makes it one of the must visit attractions in Kullu.

What is the meaning of sarvari in Sanskrit?

Derived from an Indian word meaning ‘night’

What is the lucky Colour of sharvari?

Personality details of name Sharvari

Ruling Planet Venus
Negative Traits Could get into a lot of arguments
Lucky Colours Green, pale blue
Lucky Days Wednesday and Friday
Lucky Stones Diamond

What is Rashi of Nisha?

The Rashi of Name Nisha is Vruschika/Scorpius (N, Y) and Nakshatra is Anuradha/Anizham (Na, Nee, Noo, Nae, Ni, Nu, Ne).

What does shravya mean?

Save to list. Girl. Worth hearing; praise-worthy; announced or proclaimed.

What is the meaning of Shruti name?

that which is heard
The name Shruti is girl’s name meaning “that which is heard”. Shruti references Hindu scriptures called the Vedas, considered to hold the timeless truths of the universe. It is commonly used among Hindu girls. Shruti can also be spelled Shruthi, which has the name pronunciation.

What is the meaning of Sarvani?

Name :Sarvani. Meaning :Goddess Durga, Name of Durga, Omnipresent, Perfect. Gender :Girl.

Which goddess name is sharvari?


Name Sharvari
Meaning The Night; Name of Goddess
Gender Girl
Numerology 6

Is Nisha name Lucky?

The name is originated from Hindi. The lucky number of Nisha name is 3….Nisha Name Meaning.

Name Nisha
Language Hindi
Religion Hindu
Lucky Days Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky Colors Red, Rust, Light Green

Is Nisha a Hindu name?

Nisha is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Nisha name meanings is Night, Women, Whole World.

What does Shanvi mean?

Name :Shanvi. Meaning :Goddess Parvati, Glowing, Attractive, Loveable, Goddess Lakshmi. Gender :Girl. Numerology :1.