What does the slang word cooties mean?

What does the slang word cooties mean?

body lice
As a nickname for body lice or head lice, cooties first appeared in trenches slang in 1915. It’s apparently derived from the coot, a species of waterfowl supposedly known for being infested with lice and other parasites.

What does cooties mean in love?

phrase. used for saying that you do not want to get close to someone.

What is another word for cooties?

What is another word for cooties?

body lice bosom friends
coots crumbs

What is the opposite of cooties?

Opposite of a small arthropod that has six legs and, generally, wings. bigwig. eminence. figure. kahuna.

What are cooties in UK?

Cooties were originally a 19th century slang term for body lice and especially head lice. By the fifties, when louse infestation was largely unknown, at least in suburbia, the word lingered on as a playground taunt.

Who started cooties?

Created by William Schaper in 1948 and based on the traditional dice game Beetle, the game was launched in 1949 and was commercially successful, with copies totalling more than one million in the first few years. In 1973, Cootie was acquired by Tyco Toys, and, in 1986, by Hasbro subsidiary Milton Bradley.

How do you stop cooties?

In many play areas, female and male populations will draw chalk dividing lines to separate the genders thereby limiting exposure. Complete avoidance of the opposite sex is the only certain way to prevent cooties.

Where did cooties come from?

The word first appeared during World War I as soldiers’ slang for the painful body lice that infested the trenches. It went mainstream in 1919 when a Chicago company incorporated the pest into the Cootie Game, in which a player maneuvered colored “cootie” capsules across a painted battlefield into a cage.

Are cooties contagious?

Second, cooties are both extremely common and extremely contagious. Just one brush against Jimmy, and you’re definitely going to get infected. While SARS or Legionnaire’s disease are contagious, they’re not THAT contagious—one touch won’t do you in.

Who invented the game cooties?

W.H. Schaper
W.H. Schaper was a mailman from Minneapolis who loved making fishing lures. One day as he was designing a new lure he created a creature that he would eventually use for his first and most famous game Cootie. For more on Cootie see Cootie: The Foundation of Schaper.

Who invented cooties?

Herbert W. Schaper
Herbert W. Schaper was a mailman in Minneapolis and a fisherman who made his own lures. One day, he added six legs to a lure that he had whittled and called it a “Cootie.”

When did Cootie come out?

By 1948, Schaper realized the potential of his creations. Adapting the rules of an existing game to his unique insect creations, Schaper invented The Game of Cootie. In 1949, he founded the W.H. Schaper Mfg. Co., Inc.

Can you get cooties from kissing?

Cooties (in this case, oral bacteria) can be passed on from one person to another any time saliva is shared. This transmission of bacteria can occur when kissing. In the dental field, the evidence of these cooties are seen in the form of cavities, also known as dental caries.

Who made Cootie?

How do I stop cooties?

EWWWW! You have Cooties!

  1. Ensure that everyone who assists with your personal hygiene washes his or her hands after contact with you and if you’re caring for a sick loved one, be sure to wash your hands frequently.
  2. Wash your hands before you make any food and before you eat.
  3. Wash your hands well after using the toilet.

How many legs does a Cootie have?

The object of the original 1949 game is to be the first player to build a “cootie” piece by piece from various plastic body parts that include a beehive-like body, a head, antennae, eyes, a coiled proboscis, and six legs.

Who made cooties?

Where did the term cooties come from?

What does it mean when a boy calls a girl cooties?

Sometimes the phrase specifies the type of cooties, as in ” you’ve got girl cooties! ” or ” you’ve got boy cooties! ” after a child has been touched by or in other ways interacted with a child of the opposite sex. Boys are more likely to accuse girls of having cooties than vice versa.

What is Cooties?

Diseases that the opposite sex has that gives you a reason to not be around them. When you get older, cooties becomes known as ” STDs .” Age 8: ” Ewww She has cooties, I can’t talk to her!” Age 15: “Ewww… She has herpes, I can’t sleep with her!” Get a Cooties mug for your fish Nathalie. Cooties are an imaginary affliction from childhood.

Why do kids get Cooties at school?

The childhood game of “cooties” has endured among schoolchildren. Of all the germs kids are exposed to on the playground, there’s one they freak out about more than any other: cooties. The word first appeared during World War I as soldiers’ slang for the painful body lice that infested the trenches.

What are Cooties called when you get older?

When you get older, cooties becomes known as ” STDs .” Age 8: ” Ewww She has cooties, I can’t talk to her!” Age 15: “Ewww…