What does Venus in 9th house mean?

What does Venus in 9th house mean?

Venus in 9th house is representative of higher learning, philosophical learning, and religious learning. It is the house of pilgrimage, long-distance travel, long-distance relationships, and higher advanced studies. The ninth house is the house of luck, fortune and blessings.

Is Venus in 9th house good?

The presence of Venus in the 9th house may indicate love marriage. Cordial relationship with the spouse and in-laws proves beneficial to the natives, especially with female relatives. Venus in this position will make the natives more cheerful and optimistic.

What house does Venus retrograde affect?

Venus Stationary Retrograde in 8th House During this period, you may feel a sense that there is something you forgot, something missing that used to make you happy and has somehow been left behind.

What signs does Venus retrograde affect?

Since Venus’ backspin is taking place in the sign of practical and hard-working Capricorn, this retrograde will affect the cardinal signs the most intensely. If you have planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you’ll likely feel the intensity of this transit the strongest.

What should you not do during Venus retrograde?

Don’t initiate new investments. Venus also rules your financial activities. When retrograde, your perceptions are off, and they can cause you to make very poor financial decisions from an emotional place. Investments are usually over-valued or inflate during this time and lose their value when Venus goes direct.

What is Venus retrograde good for?

What should you expect during this specific Venus retrograde? Being that Venus governs relationships, money, social graces, and self-esteem, it will help us self-reflect on what we fundamentally value in these areas. It could also bring in a new way of thinking and dealing with interpersonal relationships or money.

Can I start a relationship during Venus retrograde?

Don’t start a new relationship. Starting a new relationship during a Venus retrograde usually also goes nowhere, so if you’re thinking of joining eHarmony, save your money until Venus is moving properly. Be weary of any beau/belle who arrives during this time because he/she will not likely be as originally presented.