What does Zugspitze mean in English?

What does Zugspitze mean in English?

British Dictionary definitions for Zugspitze Zugspitze. / (ˈtsʊɡˌʃpɪtsə) / noun. a mountain peak in S Germany in the Bavarian Alps, on the Austrian border: the highest peak in Germany.

Who climbed the Zugspitze first?

Josef Naus
Johann Georg TauschlMaier
Zugspitze/First ascenders

Where is the tallest mountain in Germany?

At 2,962 metres above sea level, the Zugspitze in southern Bavaria outdoes every other mountain in Germany.

What 4 countries can you see from Zugspitze?

The Highest Mountain in Germany is the Zugspitze and on a clear day you can see Germany, Austria, Italy & Switzerland.

When was Zugspitze formed?

210 million years ago
The prevailing rock type of the Zugspitze, or the Wetterstein mountain, is compact limestone, which was formed 210 million years ago and moved upward approximately 100 million years ago.

Where is Zugspitze located?

Zugspitze, mountain on the border between Germany and Austria, the highest point (9,718 feet [2,962 metres]) in Germany. Zugspitze is part of the Wettersteingebirge in the Bavarian Alps.

When was the Zugspitze built?


Eibsee Cable Car Seilbahn Zugspitze
Opened 1963 22 Dec 2017
Closed 2 April 2017 Operational
Length 4,450 m (14,600 ft) 4,467 m (14,656 ft)
Elevation gain 1,950 m (6,398 ft) 1,942 m (6,371 ft)

Why is Mount Zugspitze famous?

The peak is noted for its scenic beauty and for its winter (skiing) and summer (climbing) activities. There is a meteorological observatory on the mountain. Eastern summit of the Zugspitze, Germany.

What is Germany’s official name?

Federal Republic of Germany
Germany, officially Federal Republic of Germany, German Deutschland or Bundesrepublik Deutschland, country of north-central Europe, traversing the continent’s main physical divisions, from the outer ranges of the Alps northward across the varied landscape of the Central German Uplands and then across the North German …

What is the Zugspitze famous for?

So that is what it feels like to have Germany at your feet: At precisely 2,962 metres above sea level, the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in the country and home to three glaciers and Germany’s highest ski resort.

Why is mountain Zugspitze a good place?

The Zugspitze towers over Germany at 9,700 feet (almost 3,000 meters). You can’t help but feel so high up at the top! From the peak, you can enjoy stunning views of the Bavarian Alps towering into the distance as well as the gorgeous green valleys below.

Who found Germany?

Otto von Bismarck
As a Prussian politician, Otto von Bismarck transformed a collection of small German states into the German empire, his style of rule later gaining him the nickname the ‘Iron Chancellor’.