What genre is Adiemus?

What genre is Adiemus?

PopAdiemus / Genre

What was Adiemus used for?

The vocals are simply used as another instrument to make music and not to convey any message. The song, written in D minor, is a mix of African-tribal and Celtic-style melodies.

Who wrote Adiemus?

Karl Jenkins
Mike Ratledge

Who sang Adiemus song?

Miriam StockleyAdiemus / ArtistMiriam Arlene Stockley is a British singer. She was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and her work is influenced by the African music of her home country. Wikipedia

Why did Karl Jenkins write Adiemus?

The text has no meaning per-se, rather the vocals were written as sounds to mimic a musical instrument – the idea being that the listener is more able to focus on the free-flowing vocal phrases.

Where does Karl Jenkins come from?

Pen-clawdd, United KingdomKarl Jenkins / Place of birth

Was Adiemus used in a movie?

“Adiemus” was used in the trailer to the Invisible Children’s documentary film and featured in the titles of the 1996 BBC children’s series Testament: The Bible in Animation.

Is Adiemus a real language?

The vocal parts are not written in an actual language, despite some of the lyrics bearing a passing similarity to Latin. The ‘words’ were written phonetically by Jenkins to match the orchestral parts, with the intention being to have the voices act purely as another instrument.

Why is Karl Jenkins famous?

Karl Jenkins is one of the most performed living composers in the world. The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace alone has been performed over 2750 times in 50 different countries since the CD was released while his recorded output has resulted in seventeen gold and platinum disc awards.

Is Karl Jenkins married?

Carol BarrattKarl Jenkins / Spouse

How old is Karl Jenkins?

78 years (February 17, 1944)Karl Jenkins / Age

Where is Karl Jenkins from?