What grape is Bandol?

What grape is Bandol?

Mourvèdre is the grape variety that defines the Bandol region because it is required to be included at a minimum of 50% in every Bandol red wine, and it often accounts for much more than half in Bandol reds and rosés.

What does Bandol wine taste like?

Bandol natives like to describe their wines as having aromas of leather, undergrowth, Havana, and minerality, with flavors of black fruit, eucalyptus, violet and liquorice when young and red fruit, Morello cherry, jam, spices, truffle and hummus when aged.

What type of wine is Bandol?

Bandol is a key appellation of the Provence wine region in far south-eastern France. Created in 1941, the title covers red, white and rosé wines from roughly 1550 hectares (3830 acres) of vineyards around the Mediterranean coastal town of Bandol.

What grape is Bandol Rouge?

The Cuvee Classique Bandol is a blend of Mourvedre (70-75%) with lesser amounts of Grenache, Cinsault and Carignan. The grapes are harvested from various vineyards on the Domaine, mainly clay and limestone soil.

Where are Bandol wines from?

Bandol is grown in small quantities in the limestone hills near the village of Bandol, east of Marseille and west of Toulon in France. The red wines must be at least 50 percent mourvèdre, with the remainder generally blended with grenache and cinsault, and occasionally syrah and carignan.

Is Bandol worth visiting?

In addition to offering a breathtaking view on the Mediterranean Sea, this city is full of activities, that will appeal both to children and adults. This charming town has the second largest cruise port in Provence, after Marseille. For wine lovers, Bandol is also famous for its vineyards and the quality of its wines.

What is a Bandol red wine?

Bandol is a tiny appellation within Provence, France that is most famous for its rich, peppery, and meaty red wines made almost exclusively with Mourvèdre.

How do you get to Bandol France?

The nearest airport to Bandol is Toulon/Hyeres (TLN). However, there are better options for getting to Bandol. You can take a train from Marseille (MRS) to Bandol via Marseille St Charles in around 1h 30m. Alternatively, FlixBus operates a bus from Nice Airport to Toulon every 4 hours.