What happens in power season 2 episode 10?

What happens in power season 2 episode 10?

The episode saw the death of not only Daniel Sunjata’s Mecca, who was fatally shot by Monet, but also Zeke (!), whom Lorenzo killed when he mistook the young man for Mecca. At the end of the episode, Monet got word that her son had been found dead… and Lorenzo didn’t say anything about pulling the trigger.

Who dies in force episode 10?

After minutes of emotional yelling and screaming, Walter gives up JP, and Tommy lets Vic go. The damage has already been done to the Flynn family — they will never be the crime organization that Walter imagined for his family. With JP safe, Tommy runs to Liliana’s side, but it’s too late. She dies in his arms.

When did Ghost cheat on Tasha?

If you need a little refresher, Angela walked into Ghost’s Truth nightclub sometime during the beginning of Season 1, and that’s when the two began having an affair. All through Season 3, granted, they were off and on, but the two were definitely in love.

What happened at the end of Power Book 2?

In the end, Monet delivered on her promise to kill Mecca. The murder went down while Tariq was on his way to Mecca’s apartment; once Tariq made it to the scene, he saw Mecca’s dead body and helped Monet by deleting the security camera footage. If you haven’t watched this week’s #PowerGhost what are you even doing?

Has Power Book 2 ended?

Can’t wait for more, no sir! The show met its end, recently, and ever since Season 3 has become the talk of the town. Power Book II: Ghost aired its final episode on February 6th and we can’t stop talking about the show’s success.

Who put the hit on Vic Flynn?

At the end of episode six of Power Book IV: Force, Walter Flynn bodied three Serbs after discovering that he attempted to hit his son Vic Flynn. In retaliation, the elder Flynn walked into a restaurant and murdered three of Rodovan Mirkovic’s men.

Who killed Liliana Power force?

Fans were stunned in the Force Season 1 finale when Liliana was killed by Claudia Flynn (Lili Simmons). It was especially shocking since the women had worked together to create Dahlia. Her death absolutely crushed Tommy.

Is Lauren Baldwin dead on Power Book 2?

While Kemp confirmed the deaths of characters like Carrie Milgram (Melanie Liburd), Dante “Mecca” Spears (Daniel Sunjata), and Zeke Cross (Daniel Bellomy), she failed to mention Lauren’s name. Many viewers took that as confirmation that Lauren is secretly still alive. “So Lauren is not dead 😲,” read one comment.

Is Mecca a snitch?

Although he wasnt seen in the original series, he played a pivotal role as Lobos kidnaps Ghost and Tommy and tells them that someone oversees betrayed him and snitched on him which causes his arrest in season 2. Mecca was revealed to be the informant in season 2 of Power Book II: Ghost.

Does Monet know Ghost?

POWER Book creator Courtney Kemp has explained why Monet has never heard of James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick. Fans were confused as to how the drug Queenpin did not know the main character of the original series, but the showrunner has cleared things up.

What happened to Gloria in force?

After meeting with Walter Flynn, Tommy had sensed Gloria was in danger. He tried to warn Vic to get out of town, but Vic didn’t listen. He was driving with Gloria when the Serbians pulled up and sprayed the car with bullets, striking Gloria with a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Vic was devastated.

Who shot Liliana in Power?

Fans were stunned in the Force Season 1 finale when Liliana was killed by Claudia Flynn (Lili Simmons). It was especially shocking since the women had worked together to create Dahlia. Her death absolutely crushed Tommy. Esparza bid farewell to her character on her show on Instagram “….

Who is Lilian in Power?

Recognizing her as Liliana (Audrey Esparza ) we see the two fight it out before being forced to stop by the appearance of a police car. For those who may have forgotten, Liliana was a runner girl for Tommy and James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick (Omar Hardwick) in Season 1 of the ‘Power’ series.

Who is the girl with the scar in force?

In the second episode of Power Book IV: Force which is titled, “King of the Goddamn Hill” fans were reintroduced to Lilianna (Audrey Esparza) an original Power character. As the episode opened, Tommy was attacked by a woman with a massive scar on her face. Their fight is interrupted by a police officer.

Is Kanan Tariq’s real father?

Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), the son of the late James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and Tasha St. Patrick(Naturi Naughton). Over the course of the first season of the show, Tariq has learned how similar he is to his father, but is Ghost actually Tariq’s birth father.

Who is Kanan real dad?

Not only did Raq and Malcolm previously date, but Malcolm also appears to be the biological father of Kanan. After Kanan is arrested, Malcolm is shocked to find out that Kanan’s birthday lines up with when he dated Raq.