What happens when you collect all the gold coins in Farming Simulator 15?

What happens when you collect all the gold coins in Farming Simulator 15?

When all the coins are collected you will get a message telling you “They’re completely worthless, time to throw them into a ditch”, they can be thrown into a wishing well, located near field 35 and 40, at the end of a dirt road in the very corner of the map.

Where can I sell potatoes in fs15?

Selling Potatoes Harvested Potatoes can be sold at a variety of different places on each map. Each of these locations, marked by a white “offload” icon, has a grated dumping chamber embedded into the road, where Potatoes can be unloaded for sale. These dumping chambers are used the same as the Silo back at your farm.

What is the best Farming Simulator map?

Farming Simulator 19: Which Map Is The Best?

  • 8 Walchen 2K20.
  • 7 Pleasant Valley.
  • 6 Ricciville.
  • 5 Ravensberg.
  • 4 Lone Oak Farm.
  • 3 Mercury Farms.
  • 2 Sussex Farms.
  • 1 Marwell Manor.

What makes the most money fs22?

While there are many things to produce in FS 22, one of the most lucrative production chains is cotton -> fabric -> clothing.

What is the most realistic map in fs19?

Here are some of the best ones if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration.

  1. 1 Marwell Manor. Based in Hampshire in the UK, the Marwell Manor Farm just has so much to it that it’s hard to put it all in one place.
  2. 2 Sussex Farms.
  3. 3 Mercury Farms.
  4. 4 Lone Oak Farm.
  5. 5 Ravensberg.
  6. 6 Ricciville.
  7. 7 Pleasant Valley.
  8. 8 Walchen 2K20.

Is icebox attacker or defender sided?

The map, Garozzo said, is likely to feel attacker-sided, with defenders forced to gamble on routes and angles to guard. Of the maps currently in rotation, Icebox most closely resembles Haven, which spreads defenders thin across three sites, as opposed to the standard two.