What Hat Does Jay wear in Clerks 2?

What Hat Does Jay wear in Clerks 2?

black toque
‘ Jay: The Hat: The hat that Jay occasionally sports in ‘Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back’ is a black toque and should be available at any apparel outlet carrying winter apparel. Better yet – grab an official ‘Snoogans’ toque here ($17.95).

What is mooby’s from?

Mooby the Golden Calf is a fictional children’s television character created by Kevin Smith that is featured throughout the View Askewniverse, most notably in the films Dogma and Clerks II.

Was Moobys real?

But, unless you’re a fictional character in one of Kevin Smith’s movies you’re out of luck — or are you? Snoochie boochies, Mooby’s is real! No, you haven’t had too much of the sacred herb that Jay and Silent Bob regularly enjoy, Mooby’s restaurant IS real and it’s now open in Delray Beach.

Is Moobies a real restaurant?

Comedian-filmmaker Kevin Smith’s fictional pop-up restaurant draws real Iowans in Des Moines. For a fake restaurant, Mooby’s was drawing a lot of genuine interest Wednesday.

Why was Randall not in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot?

His absence is explained in the beginning, when Dante (Brian O’Halloran) claims to the police that he can give them Randall’s location, suggesting that Randall has gone into hiding for something illegal. Anderson and Smith made amends shortly before Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was released.

Are Jay and Silent Bob friends?

The two stars known for playing Jay and Silent Bob have been hometown friends since before Clerks came out in 1994. In fact, Smith wrote the part of Jay specifically for Mewes. Smith often has kind things to say about his pal, and the director’s latest Twitter post is no exception.

Why is Randall not in reboot?

What race is Rosario?

I’m half Puerto Rican/Afro Cuban & half Irish/Native Indian.

What age is Zoe Saldana?

44 years (June 19, 1978)Zoe Saldaña / Age

Why does Jay look different in the reboot?

The New Jersey native has never confirmed that he wears fake teeth, but social media followers have been commenting on his unnaturally perfect smile since 2010. It’s believed that Jason’s years of heroin use rotted his teeth, forcing him to get dentures.