What is a good sentence for repetition?

What is a good sentence for repetition?

Life is too short to spend it with repetition of old dreams that never happened. The repetition of the process brought the same results. Constant repetition makes it easier to learn how to spell a word. The small town with its repetition of nice homes made it a good place to live.

What are homophones give 5 examples?

Homophones Examples:

  • Altar/ Alter.
  • Berth/ Birth.
  • Cast/ Caste.
  • Days/ Daze.
  • Earn/ Urn.

What are homophones write 10 sentences with homophones?

In the interest of education and fun, here are 10 sentences with homophones:

  • You are not allowed to talk aloud in the library.
  • The hotel maid made the bed.
  • Let’s have buffalo meat when we meet for dinner.
  • The bartender had a wry smile when pouring the shot of rye.

Can you repeat words in a sentence?

Grammatically speaking, as long as all the words are in the right place you can repeat words as much as you want to. Repeating words is a matter of style. Many repeated words within a sentence or a paragraph will make it feel simpler.

What are homophones 10 examples?

100 Examples of Homophones

  • 1.abel — able. 2.accede — exceed. 3.accept — except.
  • 4.addition — edition. 5.all ready — already. 6.ax — acts.
  • 7.axel — axle. 8.axes — axis. 9.aye — eye — I.
  • 11.bawl — ball. 12.been — bin. 13.beer — bier.
  • 24.cheep — cheap. 25.chews — choose. 26.chic — sheik.

What is an example of repetition in a poem?

Examples of Repetition in Poetry. To the rhyming and the chiming of the bells!’ As you can see, the word ‘bells’ is repeated throughout the poem to increase enthusiasm and to create a memorable rhythm. In the poem ‘War is Kind’ by Stephen Crane, the lines ‘Do not weep.

What are the 20 examples of homonyms with sentences?

Homonyms List

  • Ship – Ship.
  • Tie – Tie.
  • Fly – Fly.
  • Duck- Duck.
  • Bright – Bright.
  • Band – Band.
  • Watch – Watch.
  • Ruler – Ruler.

What is repetition and its example?

Repetition is when a single word or phrase is used multiple times in short succession for effect. It can help emphasise a point. For example, ‘I have to practice my times tables over so I can learn them’ vs ‘I have to practice my times tables over and over and over again so I can learn them. ‘