What is a motocross helmet?

What is a motocross helmet?

Off-road riding is an extreme sport and motocross helmets are designed to withstand any unique conditions. To protect you from sun glare and roost from riders, it comes with peak visors. To protect you from dirt and debris, it is designed with wide view ports that allow the use of goggles.

Why choose Bell motocross helmets?

Bell motocross helmets are known for their cutting-edge technology and innovation and they continue to push the boundaries. Bell motocross helmets are designed with inside knowledge of what riders’ need of their helmet and with their abundance of experience they design the helmets to match those specific needs.

Who makes the best motorcycle helmets?

In the mid-1970s, Mitch Arai set out to make the best helmets in the world. Spending hours in his workshop designing the perfect composite construction has paid off with Arai becoming a world leader in the motorcycle industry.

What is the lightest motocross helmet?

The Aviator 3.0 is one of the lightest motocross helmets on the market. At a fraction over 1000gms, you are going to feel comfortable for longer with reduced weight on your neck and shoulders. Regular maintenance and cleaning are easy with the Aviator 3.0 as the entire lining pulls out in one straightforward movement.

How much does a motocross helmet cost?

The amount you spend on a motocross helmet should average between $200 and $650. You can go for less than $200, which gives you a spartan off-road helmet. Expect up to $ 750 for a high-quality, comfortable motorcycle helmet.

Which Alpinestars motocross helmet should you buy?

As you may expect from Alpinestars, the M10 is a premium motocross helmet aimed at the high-octane motocross rider. The Supertech M10 is a carbon composite helmet, available in four shell sizes. The venting system is beautifully engineered, with sixteen inlets and five exhaust ports.

Can you wear glasses with AhR motocross helmet?

Also, most motocross helmets do not usually accommodate glasses but the case is different with the AHR helmet. Therefore, if you require your glasses while riding, no need to fret because the helmet can adjust your glasses within the helmet. The interior of this helmet does not disappoint either.