What is an ADAC test?

What is an ADAC test?

In a rigorous crash test, ADAC specialists check how the car seat will behave in the event of a frontal and side collision (at speeds of 72 and 50 km/h, respectively, although it is not the speed that has the greatest impact on the results, but the braking distance) and what kind of overloads affect the dummy „ …

What speed are car seats tested at UK?

Our child safety seats are subjected to rigorous testing at state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring your child has the best possible protection when they travel. Standard testing speed for frontal collisions is 50km/h, yet we conduct our tests at 70km/h and simulate extra crash tests for both side and frontal collisions.

Which car seats have passed the Swedish PLUS test?

Both the new and old versions of the Axkid Minikid passed the Plus Test. This compact seat is suitable from birth to 6 years (0-25kg) and rear faces throughout. Axkid is a Swedish brand that has championed Extended Rear-Facing since its conception.

Are Joie car seats safe?

Joie is known for its reliability, quality and affordability, especially in car seats. The Joie i-Spin Safe is arguably one of its safest yet, which allows your child to stay rear facing from birth right up to the age of 4 years/18.5kg with no option to forward-face.

What is ADAC membership?

ADAC is the largest club (Verein) in Germany with around 21 million members. It would be more aptly described today as an individual mobility association since it looks more broadly at all transport options ensuring individual mobility.

Are all car seats tested the same?

ADAC cannot test all seats so they will be preselected based on popularity, volume of sales and novelties, such as swivel seats. ADAC use the more advanced Q-dummy and will test above the standard regulations. Their frontal testing is conducted at 40 mph and their side testing is conducted at 31 mph.

Is Joie Swedish plus tested?

Experience a twice tested and proven spinning seat that’s both i-Size and Swedish Plus Test certified and rides rearward only, all the way up to 18.5 kg and approx. 4 years.

Are Joie car seats crash tested?

The Joie i-Gemm (NOT the same seat as the Joie Gemm) is one of the top rated infant seats by independent crash testers, rating “very good” on multiple test categories.

How does ADAC work in Germany?

ADAC provides roadside assistance whenever you’re in a jam. If, for example, you get a flat tire on the autobahn, you can call the ADAC hotline and they will provide assistance, Ullrich said. And benefits extend outside of Germany.

Does ADAC cover rental cars?

Book your rental car now to use a high-quality rental vehicle from ADAC car rental and travel like in your own car – wherever you want and more affordable than ever.

Is Cybex Swedish plus tested?

As a voluntary approval that manufacturers may choose to test their car seats for, the Plus Test comes on top of this. The requirements in the Plus Test are so strict that forward facing child car seats would not be able to comply with them.

Is Maxi Cosi Plus tested?

We test our car seats from the start of the development phase and through to final production. And the testing doesn’t stop there. To be sure our manufacturing process is flawless, we continue to test one seat after every 5,000 that are made.

Is Joie a good brand?

At the Mother&Baby Awards 2021, Joie scooped some of the top prizes within the car seat and travel system categories. Let us take you through them for inspiration when you’re next looking for safety products for your bubba…

What is the ADAC extreme crash test?

The tests that are performed by ADAC could be defined as an extreme test. The speed and loads exceed those of the European Standards approval system and are almost on the same level as EuroNCAP for cars. The core of the test is two different types of crash tests: one frontal impact and one side impact.

What is the ADAC car seat test?

Each year in May ADAC and Stiftung Warentest together with ICRT (International Consumer Research Organisation) publish Europe’s largest test of child car seats. Some of the newest car seat models on the market are tested and rated. Which car seats are included in the test is confidential until the test is published.

What are the criteria for the ADAC test?

There are five different criteria and a final ADAC result that is based on the criteria in different percentages. Safety, operations, and ergonomics make the 100%, but if there is pollutant in the material that the baby is in direct contact with then it can cause devaluation in the final ADAC result.

What are the disadvantages of the ADAC test?

Safety, operations, and ergonomics make the 100%, but if there is pollutant in the material that the baby is in direct contact with then it can cause devaluation in the final ADAC result. Also, all three components are built up from different tested elements. possibility to install the seat incorrectly: 40%