What is an index in COBOL?

What is an index in COBOL?

An index is a displacement of element from the start of the table. An index is declared with Occurs clause using INDEXED BY clause. The value of index can be changed using SET statement and PERFORM Varying option. Syntax. Following is the syntax for defining Index in a table −

What is index and subscript in COBOL?

Index is faster in accessing table data item. Subscript can initialize by using MOVE statement. Index should initialize by using SET statement. Subscript can increase by using ADD statement and decrease by using SUBTRACT statement.

How do you define arrays in COBOL?

Arrays are referred to as tables in COBOL. An array is a linear data structure, which is a collection of individual data items of the same data type….Syntax:

  1. 01 WS-TABLE.
  2. 05 WS-A OCCURS 10 TIMES.
  3. 10 WS-B PIC A(10).
  4. 10 WS-C OCCURS 5 TIMES.
  5. 15 WS-D PIC X(6).

How define occurs clause in COBOL?

COBOL – Occurs Clause

  1. OCCURS clause is used to define a table.
  2. OCCURS clause indicates the repetition of data name definition.
  3. OCCURS clause specifies tables whose elements can be referred to by indexing or subscripting.
  4. OCCURS clause can be specified for elementary or group item.

What is index and subscript?

Subscript refers to the array occurrence while index is the displacement (in no of bytes) from the beginning of the array. An index can only be modified using PERFORM, SEARCH & SET.

Why We Use declare index?

Declare Indexes are used to expose aggregate properties like Page/List/Group for reporting purposes. Declare Indexes belongs to the declarative network and are fired automatically without any invocation. Declare indexes can be extended for Rule-, Data– and Work– classes.

What is index or subscript?

Can COBOL display index value?

Re: how to display the value of the index variable in cobol Yes, we can. Simply set some ws variable to the index and display that. Hope this helps, d.

How do you create an index data item?

You can use the USAGE IS INDEX clause to create an index data item, and can use an index data item with any table. For example, INX-B in the following code is an index data item: 77 INX-B USAGE IS INDEX. . . . SET INX-A TO 10 SET INX-B TO INX-A.

Can we display index in COBOL?

Yes, we can. Simply set some ws variable to the index and display that. Index variable is S9(8) comp, takes up one word, it means the physical address in the main storage.

How do you define a subscript in COBOL?

COBOL – Subscript Clause. Use the data-name of the table element, along with its occurrence number (called a subscript) in parentheses. This technique is called subscripting. Table individual elements can be accessed by using subscript.

How do I index a property in PEGA?

Indexing in Pega Can be done for Embedded Properties like Page List. When we Optimize Page List Properties, PRPC Create a dedicated table for Page List. This table each row corresponds to one index page of page list. This is called as Index Table.

What is declarative index join in PEGA?

What is Declarative Index Join? Declarative Index Join is one of the data access option available in a report definition rule in Pega. Declare Indexes are used to expose aggregate properties like Page/List/Group. These exposed properties can be used for reporting using Declarative Index Join.

Can we display index?

You can’t DISPLAY an index directly. You can SET a numeric field to an index, and then DISPLAY the numeric field.

What is an index used for?

An index is a method to track the performance of a group of assets in a standardized way. Indexes typically measure the performance of a basket of securities intended to replicate a certain area of the market.

Why do we use declare index?

What is data transform in PEGA?

The purpose of a data transform is to manipulate data in an application. Data transforms copy or manipulate data into the form you require. Data transforms can be used to convert data from one type to another, iterate over page lists, or page groups and copy entire pages at a time.

How do I create a subreport in PEGA?

On the main report in the Query tab, add columns for the requested data for each case and specify the subreport you want to reference. On the main report’s Data Access tab, add the subreport. Create a join filter condition for the subreport. The filter defines how you want to join the subreport data to the main report.

Can you display index in COBOL?

“Can we display the value of variable used as index of an array?” The answer is Yes. Because all the variables are controlled by you as programmer. No undefined variable exist in a COBOL program.