What is Audi VAG-COM?

What is Audi VAG-COM?

Vagcom (VCDS) is diagnostic software that allows access to the various electronic modules of the VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat automobile. It reads error codes and allows to change settings in the car. Most people that have it use it to change convenience features and for reading error codes.

How do I activate VAG-COM?

Entering the Activation Code Once you receive your Activation Code, go to the Register/Activate/Transfer Screen in VAG-COM. Enter the Activation Code and click the [ Activate! ] button. Again, please use Copy and Paste to avoid errors when entering your Activation Code.

What is a VAG car?

VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) is the car group that consists of Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Škoda and Bentley.

What scan tool does Volkswagen use?

The VD500 scanner specializes in diagnosing Volkswagen Group vehicles (VW / AUDI / SKODA / SEAT), but can also diagnose the engine system of other non-Volkswagen vehicles (standard OBD-II protocol). If you have Volkswagen and other car brands at home, you can save a lot of maintenance costs with this product.

Can you use VAG Com on other cars?

Generic OBD-II functionality is “Supported” only on VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda cars. It will likely work on many other brands of cars. We’d be happy to receive feedback as to what other brands and models of cars it does and does not work on, however, we do not feel obligated to make it work on other manufacturer’s cars.

Will any OBD2 Scanner work on a Volkswagen?

If you own a Volkswagen or are frequently working on VAG cars like Audi, Skoda and Seat, a VW OBD2 scanner can be your best friend. It allows you to stay on top of engine problems before they do any long-lasting damage and helps with preventive maintenance. Some VW specific OBD2 codes include P1155, P1157 and P1160.

What is the best OBD2 Scanner for Volkswagen?

ScannerAnswer’s Top 5 Best OBDII Scanners for Volkswagen Cars

  • Bluedriver.
  • XTOOL U281.
  • Foseal.
  • MAXSCAN VAG409.1.
  • VS450.

How do I activate my VCDS-Lite for free?

VCDS-Lite generates a unique software Serial Number on each computer where it is installed. In order to to Activate VCDS-Lite, you must provide the Serial Number that VCDS-Lite shows on the computer on which you intend to use it!. You will find the serial number on the “About” screen of the program.

Will VAG-COM work on other cars?