What is contentMode?

What is contentMode?

The contentMode property of UIView allows you to control how to layout a view when the view’s bounds change. The system will not, by default, redraw a view each time the bounds change. That would be wasteful. Instead, depending on the content mode, it can scale, stretch or pin the contents to a fixed position.

What does Documentation call the parent view that’s embedding the other view?

Embedding one view inside another creates a containment relationship between the host view (known as the superview) and the embedded view (known as the subview).

What is aspect fill?

Aspect Fill: This only fills with scale factor that is required. For example: If image is bigger than viewport size then image will scale down maintaining aspect ratio until it gets smaller than viewport else it will be “fit” effect. It has to fill the viewport.

How do you adjust the way an image is fitted to its space Swift?

To make an image scales to fit the current view, we use the resizable() modifier, which resizes an image to fit available space. We can see the whole image now, but it got stretched out and losing its aspect ratio, which is usually not the behavior we want. The image view resize to fit available space.

Is UIKit dead?

If Apple decides that SwiftUI is basically the future and how they envision all apps to be done, and they ported all of their system apps to it and they started deprecating UIKit, then yes, UIKit will die.

How old is UIKit?

Before that, UIKit was privately developed for the first two releases of iOS. UIKit was publicly released in 2008, and it is not showing any signs of being left behind by Apple. With UIKit, you get the most complete and fully-featured developer experience when building iOS apps.

What is UIView in Swift?

UIView can be defined as an object by using which we can create and manage the rectangular area on the screen. We can have any number of views inside a view to create a hierarchical structure of the UIViews.

Is SwiftUI using UIKit?

UIKit and SwiftUI can work together. It is easy to add UIKit views in a SwiftUI view, or the other way around.

What is the difference between SwiftUI and UIKit?

Compatibility with different iOS versions SwiftUI is limited and works better with iOS 14 and iOS 15. On the contrary, UIKit enables you to support even iOS version 9.0. This makes UIKit more flexible. It surely wins against SwiftUI when it comes to backward compatibility.

What is fit and fill?

When you Fit an image, the frame will fit the image, keeping its original aspect ratio. When you Fill an image, the image will crop to fill the frame.

What is scale to fill?

The scale-to-fit option scales the remote browser to fit your current view area. In some cases, this removes the need of scrolling, and it creates a smoother browser testing experience. To view the browser at full scale, deselect this option.

What does resizable do in SwiftUI?

resizable(capInsets:resizingMode:) Sets the mode by which SwiftUI resizes an image to fit its space.

Is SpriteKit dead?

SpriteKit is definitely not dead and still supported by Apple. However it has been overshadowed by other technologies from Apple such as AR, Metal, etc. Additionally, it’s not portable to other platforms (unlike Unity). So you make only SpriteKit apps only for the Apple eco-system.

Who created UIKit?

UIkit is built by YOOtheme, using our extensive experience in creating Joomla and WordPress themes, to power the Warp theme framework.

What is awake from nib?

awakeFromNib : The nib-loading infrastructure sends an awakeFromNib message to each object recreated from a nib archive, but only after all the objects in the archive have been loaded and initialized.