What is ILP in DTS?

What is ILP in DTS?

In 2015, the Department of Defense launched a new Integrated Lodging Program that includes preferred commercial lodging providers and integrates the ability to book government and privatized (Public-Private Venture) lodging properties through the Defense Travel System (DTS).

What is DoD lodging?

Government (DoD) Lodging. DoD lodging is located on or near US military installations and is owned and operated by the Government. Travelers are able to book official travel lodging at Air Force Inns, Navy Gateway Inns & Suites are Navy Lodge and Army Lodging directly in DTS.

Do I have to use DTS for lodging?

Notable Policy Effective 9/1: Mandatory Use of DTS/CTO for Lodging Reservations. As of September 1, 2015, the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) will require travelers going TDY to use the Defense Travel System (DTS) to book lodging, both government quarters (when available in DTS) and commercial lodging.

How do you get a certificate of non-availability in the Navy?

When lodging is not available at NGIS, NGIS will assist traveler with lodging accommodations or issue a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA). *Guest may call 1-877-NAVYBED (628-9233) for assistance.

What is ILP lodging?

The program directs DoD travelers on official business at select sites to stay in Government (DoD), Public-Private Venture (PPV), or DoD Preferred Commercial Lodging facilities.

What is DoD privatized lodging?

Public-Private Venture lodging (also referred to as “Privatized Lodging”) is located on or near military installations, and was once operated by the government but is now operated by a commercial lodging company.

What is a statement of non-availability?

A Statement of Non-Availability will be issued by CHESS if a COTS IT requirement cannot be met through an existing contract vehicle.

What is a non-availability confirmation?

A non-availability confirmation number, sometimes referred to as a certificate of non-availability, or CNA, is a number provided when government lodging exists at a directed TDY/TAD location but has no availability. It is used to justify reimbursement for commercial lodging.

Is DTS mandatory?

DoD civilian employees shall use the Defense Travel System (DTS) to make all flight, hotel, and rental car reservations. The use of DTS is mandatory for official travel.

How do I enter lodging in DTS?

– Lodging costs go on the Expenses > Per Diem Entitlements > Per Diem Entitlement Detail screen. This one’s pretty straightforward – enter your lodging cost in the Lodging field.

What is a certificate of non availability?

What is a CNA in the Navy?

CNA’s Center for Naval Analyses is the federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) for the United States Navy and Marine Corps. It also provides research and analysis services to other military and government agencies to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of U.S. national defense efforts.

Can I use FedRooms for personal travel?

As the official U.S. government-wide sponsored lodging program, FedRooms is all about giving you convenience and freedom when booking your hotel. Best of all, any government traveler can use it.

Do DoD civilians have to stay on base?

– If you’re a DoD civilian employee, you’re only required to stay in available on-base quarters if your destination is a military installation at an Integrated Lodging Program pilot (ILPP) location (a list of those locations is here).

Can a civilian stay at a Army hotel?

Do I have to be in the Military to stay at IHG Army Hotels? No. We welcome all military personnel, contractors, families and even pets to enjoy the comfort and convenience of all our on-post hotels.

What is a non availability letter?

How do I know if my DTS is approved?

Check document status by logging in to DTS. Go to “Official Travel” vouchers or authorization, and then look in the “Sort by Status” column. Or, go to the digital signature page within the document. If you can’t access to DTS, contact your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) to check the status of your document.

When did DoD stop requiring non availability statements?

Paper Non-Availability Statement Not Required (Effective 1 October 1995). Per USD memorandum, dated 29 August 1995, DOD travelers are not required to obtain paper non-availability statements to justify reimbursement for commercial lodging and per diem.

When do I need to recheck availability for DoD lodging?

Once a traveler checks DoD Lodging in the system and DTS issues a non-availability confirmation number, there is no requirement to recheck availability at a later time. 4. DoD Lodging properties will not issue a non-availability confirmation number if there is availability during your trip dates. 5.

When does the AO have to approve reimbursement for Commercial Lodgings?

When a member provides acceptable documentation on a travel authorization/order/voucher of GOV’T QTRS non-availability, the AO must authorize/approve reimbursement for commercial lodgings.” You have provided the ‘acceptable documentation’ and now the AO has to approve it before finance can pay you.

Do DoD travelers need paper non-availability statements?

Per USD memorandum, dated 29 August 1995, DOD travelers are not required to obtain paper non-availability statements to justify reimbursement for commercial lodging and per diem. More sharing options… 5 months later…