What is Infotype SAP HR?

What is Infotype SAP HR?

In the SAP System, the information units used to enter master data are called infotypes . Infotypes are used to group related data fields together. They provide information with a structure, facilitate data entry, and enable you to store data for specific periods.

What is payroll infotype?

info-types. Preconfigured payroll info-types are available for this or you can define you own. The basic principle of payroll infotypes (PIT) involves defining an infotype whose. specific fields correspond to the results of one or more wage types in Payroll.

What is infotype Basic pay?

Basic pay information of an employee is stored in basic pay Infotype (0008). An employee’s payroll history can be checked using Infotype history. In case an employee leaves an organization, the basic payroll data for that employee remains in the system to ensure accuracy of any retroactive account runs to be performed.

How do I find the infotype in SAP?

Display an Infotype Step 1 − Search an Infotype using Personnel number and T-code: PA30 or PA20. Step 2 − In the new window, enter the personnel number and press Enter. Step 3 − Select the Infotype you want to display. Click F7 or the icon at the top.

What is the display of infotype?

Step 1) To display an infotype in SAP , you can either use transaction PA30 or PA20. Step 2) In the SAP command prompt , Enter transaction PA30. Step 3) In the next SAP screen, Enter the Personnel number. Click the Enter Button.

What is PDC recalculation in SAP HR?

Recalculation date for PDC: specifies the date on which the next time evaluation run should start. When time evaluation is complete, the date is set to the first day for which the report has not yet been run. From: Nick via sap-hr [mailto:[email protected]]

What is use of PU03 in SAP?

Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status Infotype) or TCode for the same is PU03, works as a central part for Employee’s Master Data. This Infotype is updated automatically at backend whenever an employee is hired, or any changes are made in Master Data of an employee.

What is SAP payscale?

Pay scale grouping for allowances is performed to add similar type of employees in a group and similar characteristics are applied on each group. This is used to determine: compensation structure as per grouping, payroll processing procedure, and the value of compensation for an employee.

How do I run a payroll simulation in SAP?


  1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Human Resources Payroll Payroll Simulation. in the SAP menu.
  2. You access the initial screen of the payroll program. The Test Run (No Update) indicator is set and cannot be changed.
  3. Enter the necessary data and choose Execute .

How do I change infotype in SAP HR?

Step 1 − Go to SPRO → IMG → Personnel Management → Personnel Administration → Customizing User Interface → Change Screen Modifications → Execute. Step 2 − In the next window, you will see all Infotype screen controls like Mod. Pool, Screen, Feature, Variable key, etc. To create a new control, click the tab New Entries.

How does SAP show infotype numbers?

By default, SAP does not display the infotype name. But you can change it very easily. The select last tab called “Parameters”. Now if you use transaction code PA20 or PA30, you can see the infotype number next to infotype name.

What is PDC in HR?

Performance & Development Cycle (PDC)

Which infotype is created automatically by the system in the background?

Infotype 003 – Payroll Status It is created automatically by the system, in the background, during the Hiring Action. Data is updated automatically when time is evaluated, payroll is run, or changes are made to the payroll past for the employee.

What are wage types in SAP HR?

Types of Wage types:

  • Dialogue Wage Type/Primary Wage Type vs. Technical Wage Type/Secondary Wage Type.
  • Time Wage Types.
  • Payroll Wage Types.
  • Deduction Wage Types.

What is PS grouping SAP HR?

Personnel subarea groupings is a two digits key that is mapped to the personnel area and personnel subarea. For easy process, you can group personnel area and personnel subarea which has the similar working process. Personnel subarea groupings consists two configurations.

What is payroll simulation?

In other words, it refers to the total sum of all salaries, without including employer’s contributions and various payments in kind. A payroll simulation using dedicated software will provide a reasonably accurate indication of this amount.

What is the use of InfoType in payroll?

This Infotype is used to maintain an employee’s corporate function like work council member, etc. This Infotype is used to maintain data on company car, employee identification and work center. This is used to compare three personnel numbers while processing the payroll.

How do I create a new InfoType in HR master data?

Step 1 − Use T-code: PA30. Step 2 − A new window Maintain HR Master Data opens. Enter the personnel number and press Enter. Step 3 − Enter the Infotype you wish to select for a new record and click the Create button. In the Period section, select the start and the end date for an Infotype.

What is a basic pay InfoType?

This is used to store and employee’s basic pay. When an employee leaves an organization, Basic pay Infotype should not be delimited and remain in the system for retroactive accounting. These are not processed with every payroll and paid or deducted for an employee at a specific time period.

What is InfoType 003-payroll status?

Infotype 003 – Payroll Status It automatically stores data that controls the employee’s Payroll run and time evaluation. It is created automatically by the system, in the background, during the Hiring Action. Data is updated automatically when time is evaluated, payroll is run, or changes are made to the payroll past for the employee.