What is Jumbo corduroy?

What is Jumbo corduroy?

a type of corduroy (= a thick cotton material with soft, raised parallel lines in one direction) in which the raised lines are very wide: It was all jumbo cord upholstery in burnt orange. a pair of green jumbo cord trousers. Jumbo cord seems to be making a comeback. Our jumbo cord comes in a wide variety of colours.

What is a Needlecord?

(ˈniːdəlˌkɔːd) n. (Textiles) a corduroy fabric with narrow ribs.

What is the meaning corduroy ‘? *?

Definition of corduroy (Entry 1 of 2) 1a corduroys plural : trousers of corduroy fabric. b : a durable usually cotton pile fabric with vertical ribs or wales. 2 : logs laid side by side transversely to make a road surface.

What does corduroy look like?

Corduroy is a textile with a distinctively raised “cord” or wale texture. Modern corduroy is most commonly composed of tufted cords, sometimes exhibiting a channel (bare to the base fabric) between them.

What is the difference between Needlecord and corduroy?

Classic corduroy material typically has 14 wales per inch. Needlecord has finer ribs and is typically 14 to 18 cords per inch which gives a lighter weight fabric and a shorter pile than regular corduroy. We have a super stock of needlecord and have lots of coloured & patterned corduroy to choose from.

What are the different types of corduroy?

What different types of corduroy fabric are there?

  • Standard corduroy. Standard corduroy fabric has 11 wales per inch.
  • Elephant cord. Named for the distinctive folds in an elephant’s skin, this type of corduroy has very large, thick cords.
  • Pinwale corduroy.
  • Pigment-dyed corduroy.
  • Spandex corduroy.
  • Bedford cord.

Are corduroys jeans?

Corduroys are often cut exactly like jeans, the only difference being in the cloth from which they’re made — corduroy instead of denim. Both fabrics are traditionally woven from cotton, but corduroy’s twisted fibers, or cords, form a ridged, raised pattern you can feel with your fingertips.

What are cord trousers?

In a nutshell. Strong, hard-wearing and with a dense weave to keep you warm, corduroy trousers have a ridged texture that looks like cords stitched together.

What is special about corduroy?

Corduroy is a durable, ridged fabric that textile producers can make with a variety of different materials. This fabric is most notable for its unique ridged pattern, which corduroy producers can weave in a variety of widths.

What is wide corduroy called?

Elephant cord Named for the distinctive folds in an elephant’s skin, this type of corduroy has very large, thick cords. Elephant cord fabric can have a wale number anywhere between 1.5 and 6.

Is corduroy stronger than denim?

In terms of the durability of corduroy vs denim pants, denim tends to be the stronger fabric.

What’s the difference between corduroy and denim?

Are cord trousers warm?

Is corduroy warm? Yes, corduroy fabric is warm. It is made with a pile weave that makes it inherently a thicker material, and reasonably good at trapping heat. Corduroy comes in different weights so you can buy a thicker material if needed.

Are cords jeans or trousers?

Are corduroy trousers jeans?

Although both fabrics are sturdy and commonly used for the construction of casual pants, denim and corduroy are fundamentally different fabrics. Denim is fairly simple, made from rugged twill.

What are cords clothing?

Corduroy is a ridged fabric, usually cotton, made up of pile-cut yarn that’s been woven and cut into cords, or wales. These tufted cords give the textile a fuzzy handfeel that’s perfect for fall and winter.

Are cords professional?

Corduroy, especially in a thinner wale, is certainly acceptable in more casual offices. A corduroy suit is sporty, but in a quiet color it could be professional.

How do you wear cord trousers?

Go for a classic combination. A crisp, white shirt—loose or tucked in—will always be a clean pairing with corduroy pants. Tuck in your tee and wear dressier for a smart casual, or leave your shirt untucked and wear sneakers for a more relaxed look.