What is naughty or nice game?

What is naughty or nice game?

To play the game, explain that this game is to help Santa decide if you are Naughty or Nice. Allow everyone to take a turn punching through the tissue paper on a cup and pull out what is inside. Request that everyone read their Naughty or Nice Slip out loud so everyone can join in on the fun.

What gets you on the naughty list?

10 Reasons You’re On Santa’s Naughty List

  • You ignored a friend’s Kickstarter.
  • You had the mouth of a sailor.
  • It’s Gossip GIRL not Gossip WOMAN… for a reason!
  • You said YOLO and other such terms.
  • You twerked.
  • You overshared on social media.
  • You disrespect your service workers.
  • You were lazy and lost touch.

What names are on the naughty list?

Top names on the naughty list:

  • Henry.
  • Adam.
  • Aiden.
  • Flynn.
  • Tristan.
  • Loki.
  • Samuel.
  • Peter.

How do you play naughty list?

Create a list of juicy holiday-themed action statements that would put you on the “naughty list,” like “sitting on Santa’s lap as an adult” or “making out under the mistletoe.” Then at the party, tell all employees to put up 10 fingers – each time they have done something on the “naughty list,” the employee can put a …

How do you play naughty and nice?

Naughty or Nice (PA‑1552) Naughty or Nice is a $3 game that offers 10 top prizes of $50,000. Scratch the WINNING NUMBERS area to reveal 20 numbers. Only scratch the numbers in LINE 1 through LINE 8 that match any of the WINNING NUMBERS. When each matched number is scratched, the square will turn white.

How do you play what is Santa thinking?

The game begins by selecting someone to serve as “Santa”, aka the answer key. Then your guests fill in the blanks with a word or phrase that they think “Santa” will use to complete the same Christmas/holiday-related words. Answers must match exactly…

Does Santa have a naughty list?

You can also send a Naughty Report about someone who’s being a little bad or misbehaving. Santa will put them on the Naughty List for the moment but keeps checking right up to Christmas Eve. Think of it as a Naughty List warning call for them.

How do u play Dirty Santa?

Typically, a Dirty Santa gift is something silly, funny, or just downright ridiculous. Hosts can choose a theme for the gifts such as DIY only, gag gifts, gifts inspired by a popular show, etc. Before the party, guests should wrap or bag their gift without a name or tag. The goal is to stay anonymous.

How do you play white elephant gift with dice?

  1. Bring a wrapped white elephant gift that costs $5 or less.
  2. Sit in a circle with the bowls filled with the dice in the middle.
  3. Roll the dice when they come to you.
  4. If you get doubles, select a white elephant gift.
  5. Everyone gets a turn hyping their gift like a professional infomercial pitchman.