What is PC in Greek life?

What is PC in Greek life?

Panhellenic Council/PC – The governing body of the sororities of a particular campus. Paper Members – Generally refers to NPHC members who join without going through a new member education process.

Why are frats named after Greek letters?

These organizations were also motivated by the thought that as college men, the members were more highly educated than their peers who were not members of these groups. Because Greek and Latin languages both exemplified intellectual standing, these Greek names became standard.

How do you write fraternity Symbols?

Press the key which sounds like the Greek symbol you want to type. For example, to type β (beta), press B . To type accented letters, type the letter (for example, υ), then press 1 to add the tonos or 2 to add the dialytika.

How do I type Alpha in Windows?

Using an Alt keyboard shortcut to insert the Alpha symbol You can press the Alt key in combination with numbers on the numeric keypad to insert the Alpha symbol: Press Alt + 224 to enter lower case Alpha (α).

What does PC mean in Panhellenic?

PC. Panhellenic Council. Panhellenic, Greek, Council.

What is a PC class sorority?

PC stands for Pledge Class (collegiate greek life) This definition appears frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Slang/chat, popular culture.

Why do frats use Greek letters Reddit?

The greek words chosen are meant to represent the ideals embodied in the organization, be is charity, study , leadership, environmentalism et cetera… Interesting.

How do you make a Greek Sigma on a keyboard?

For example, to create the Greek letter Alpha (α), press the “Alt” key and type 224 using the keypad at the right side of your keyboard….Alt Codes for Greek Letters.

Character Displayed Alt Code
Mu µ Alt 230
Uppercase Sigma Σ Alt 228
Lowercase Sigma σ Alt 229
Tau τ Alt 231

What Greek letters are used for fraternities?

Common Fraternity Nicknames

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi: “A E Pi” or “Ape”
  • Alpha Sigma Phi: “Alpha Sig”
  • Alpha Phi Alpha: “Alpha”
  • Alpha Tau Omega: “A T O” or “Tau”
  • Beta Theta Pi: “Beta”
  • Delta Kappa Epsilon: “D K E” or “Deke”
  • Theta Chi: “T Chi” or “Ox”
  • Kappa Sigma: “Kappa Sig”

How do I type Alpha symbol?

How to insert alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and other Greek symbols in Word

  1. Click Ctrl+Shift+Q to switch your current font to the Symbol font.
  2. Use symbols like normal font (e.g. in Symbol font keyboard button “a” equals Greek letter “α”, keyboard button “b” equals Greece letter “β”., “l” -> “λ”., “w” -> “ω”, etc.

How do you write Alpha and beta?

I. Using the Symbol font:

  1. Click Ctrl+Shift+Q to switch your current font to the Symbol font.
  2. Use symbols like regular font (e.g. in Symbol font keyboard button “a” equals Greek letter “α”, keyboard button “b” equals Greece letter “β”., “l” -> “λ”., “w” -> “ω”, etc.

What does PC stand for Rush?

NPC: This stands for the National Panhellenic Conference, aka the body that governs the 26 (inter)national women’s fraternities and sororities. Potential new member (PNM): This is the PC term for rushee. A potential new member is someone who is eligible to participate in sorority recruitment.

What are new frat members called?

New Member – A member of a sorority or fraternity who has not been initiated (also called associate member or pledge). New Member Period – The time during which new members learn about their organization, its members, and their activities.

What does PC mean in rush?

What does Spec mean in Greek life?

These groups are also called “women’s fraternities”. SPECial / SPEC (Pronounced as Spesh) (NPHC): This is a term used to characterize the close or. “special” relationship that another member of the same of different HBGLO form during the intake process.

What do Fraternity Greek letters mean?

Fraternity Greek letters are traditionally two or three letters that represent the motto of a fraternity. In some fraternity names, the Greek letters are the initials of the words making up their Greek motto.

What is the origin of the first fraternity?

The first fraternity, a male student society founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776, was Phi Beta Kappa. The Greek letters Phi Beta Kappa were the initials of their motto: Philosophia Bios Kybernethes, which roughly translates to “Philosophy is the guide to life.”

How do fraternities and sororities address members of the same organization?

Members of fraternities and sororities address members of the same organization as “brother” (in the case of fraternities) or “sister” (in the case of sororities). The names of almost all fraternities and sororities consist of a sequence of two or three Greek letters, for instance, Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Chi,…

What is the origin of the fraternity Chi Phi?

The social fraternity Chi Phi, officially formed in 1854, but traces its roots to a short-lived organization founded at Princeton in 1824, bearing the same name. Fraternities represented the intersection between dining clubs, literary societies and secret initiatory orders such as Freemasonry.