What is Philippe Bourgois known for?

What is Philippe Bourgois known for?

A prominent American anthropologist best known for his studies of inner-city America, including In Search of Respect, which is based on his ethnographic fieldwork in East Harlem, where he lived, hung out at crackhouses, and befriended crack addicts and dealers from 1985-1990.

What did Philippe Bourgois study?

Philippe Bourgois (PhD Anthropology) is a cultural and medical anthropologist who has conducted fieldwork in Central America (Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Belize) and in the urban United States (East Harlem–New York, San Francisco, North Philadelphia and Los Angeles).

How long did Philippe Bourgois live in El Barrio?

Philippe Bourgois, an associate professor of anthropology at San Francisco State University, lived for three and a half years in a tenement apartment in East Harlem — otherwise known as El Barrio — studying the culture, the mores, the values, the behavior, the fears and the self-inflicted wounds of several members of …

Why did Philippe Bourgois named his book In Search of Respect?

Phillippe is a University professor who sets out for the El Barrio neighborhood in East Harlem in order to research and write a book on his experience of poverty and racial segregation hence the birth of the book titled “In Search of Respect.” His aim is to make the mainstream society comprehend the inner-city problems …

How did Philippe Bourgois conduct his research?

Bourgois is currently conducting participant-observation fieldwork in the shooting encampments of homeless heroin injectors for an HIV-prevention study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse: “The Logics of HIV Risk Among Homeless Heroin Injectors.” The project examines the ways unsafe syringe and ancillary …

Why did Philippe Bourgois live with crack dealers?

During his time living in an Puerto Rican community, he was assumed by most Puerto Ricans to either be an undercover cop or a crack addict because of his race. Later, he was able to gain access to the lives of Puerto Rican crack dealers by getting into a place called the Game Room where provided a cover for drug sales.

Where did Philippe Bourgois live?

Bourgois’ previous book was based on five years living with his family next to a crack house in East Harlem during the mid-1980s through the early 1990s: In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio.

What is in search of respect about?

In Search of Respect by Bourgois details the lives of crack cocaine dealers in El Barrio, Harlem, New York. Bourgois obtained highly personal accounts from the dealers by living in this area for three and a half years during the mid-1990s. This review will focus on Bourgois’ exploration of vulnerability.

When was righteous Dopefiend written?

Righteous Dopefiend (2009) is the result of over a decade of research conducted by Philippe Bourgois (University of Pennsylvania) and Jeff Schonberg (University of California).

What is lumpen abuse?

Lumpen abuse is fueled by symbolic violence, a term used to describe acts, procedures, or laws that lead to discrimination of particular minority social groups based on factors such as gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic standing.

What is intimate apartheid?

We have. developed the term ‘intimate apartheid’ to convey how an overwhelmingly. coercive form of historically engrained segregation and conflict operates at. the interpersonal level in the United States to re-cement racialized distinc. tions among homeless addicts who survive on the street side-by-side, phys.