What is postal code of Janakpur Nepal?

What is postal code of Janakpur Nepal?

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How do I know my postal code in Nepal?

The postal code for Kathmandu is 44600, the postal code for Pokhara is 33700, the postal code for Chitwan is 44200, for Lumbini is 32914 and for overall the commonly used postal code of Nepal is 00977. G.P.O. W.R.P.D.

What is postal address and code?

A postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

What is the postal code of Dhanusha?

Pincode of Dhanusha, Janakpur Dham, Nepal, Delhi is 110058

Pincode 110058
Location Dhanusha, Janakpur Dham, Nepal
Longitude 77.2504
Latitude 28.6821
Division New Delhi West

Is postal code and post office same?

They are postal codes which are used by the postal department or courier companies in automated sorting of the piece of mail and quick delivery….Comparison Chart.

Basis for Comparison Zip Code Postal Code
Countries The United States and the Philippines All the other countries except the US and the Philippines.

How can I get post box number in Nepal?


  1. Get the application form either from general post office official website or contacting the post office near your place.
  2. Attach photocopy of citizenship of passport or passport along with application form for personal use.
  3. Attach organization registered certificate with official stamp for official use.

How many districts are there in Janakpur?

six districts
Janakpur Zone was one of the fourteen zones of Nepal, comprising six districts, namely, Dhanusa, Dolakha, Mahottari, Ramechhap, Sarlahi and Sindhuli.

How do I write a postal address in Nepal?

Nepali Address Format You can write the recipient’s name, and afterward, house number, street number, city, locality, province, postal code will be registered. The order can be changed as well.

Where is Janakpur located?

Janakpur is currently the most populated sub metropolitan city of Nepal. Nepal Railways operates between Janakpur and Jaynagar of India . Accounts from ascetics, pandits, and bards indicate that Janakpur was founded in the early 18th century. The earliest description of Janakpur as a pilgrimage site dates to 1805.

How to travel from Janakpur to Nepal?

Frequent bus services operate between Janakpur and Nepalese cities. Within the city, cycle rickshaws, electric rickshaws, tempos (three-wheeled vehicle), and buses are available. A few Bus services operate for Indian cities of Sitamarhi, Patna, Delhi and Ayodhya as part of the Ramayan Circuit to promote religious tourism in Nepal and India.

What is the significance of Janakpur in Hinduism?

As Rama and Sita are major figures in Hinduism, Janakpur is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. According to the first millennium BC text, Shatapatha Brahmana, the Maithil king Videgha Māthava crossed the Sadānirā (Gandaki River), led by his priest Gotama Rahugana, and founded the Kingdom of Videha with Janakpur as the capital city.

Why janjanakpur is the best city in Nepal?

Janakpur is one of the fastest developing cities of Nepal and is the largest sub-metropolitan city in the country. The city has good health care facilities, a number of parks, private schools, colleges, and internet service providers.