What is the 14 day weather forecast for Perth?

What is the 14 day weather forecast for Perth?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Conditions Comfort
Day Temperature Wind
Tue Jun 14 66 / 50 °F 10 mph
Wed Jun 15 66 / 45 °F 4 mph
Thu Jun 16 64 / 49 °F 20 mph

What is the long range weather forecast for Perth?

Long range weather outlook for Perth includes 14 day forecast summary: The outlook for Perth in the two weeks ahead shows the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 19°C, with a high for the two weeks of 21°C expected on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd.

What’s the coldest it’s ever been in Perth?

The lowest temperature ever recorded for Perth is −0.7 °C (30.7 °F), on 17 June 2006, and the lowest temperature ever recorded in the metropolitan region is −3.4 °C (25.9 °F) at Jandakot Airport on the same day.

Is there a cyclone forming in WA?

There are currently no tropical cyclones.

Why is Perth so Rainy?

“But when it does rain in Perth we generally get pretty heavy rain. “One of the reasons for that is the prevailing winds in Perth are coming off the ocean in the wet time of the year, so [they are] bringing a lot of moisture and a lot of heavy rain.

What is the hottest town in WA?

Marble Bar is a town and rock formation in the Pilbara region of north-western Western Australia. It is well known for its extremely hot weather, with a mean maximum temperature second only to Wyndham, Western Australia.

Why is Perth the most isolated city in the world?

Boarded by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Australian Outback on the other – there’s no city of comparable size anywhere in the world that’s so remote. If all forms of transport were to stop then the people of Perth would be truly stranded.

Is Perth getting a cyclone?

Is there a cyclone coming to Perth?

There are currently no tropical cyclones affecting Western Australia.

How accurate are temperature forecasts?

When it comes to forecast accuracy, data from the National Weather Service suggests a one-day temperature forecast is typically accurate within about 2 to 2.5 degrees. In other words, when you see a forecast high of 80, most of the time the actual high will be between 78 and 83.

Is Perth hotter than Brisbane?

Perth does have a colder winter. Brisbane’s rainy season is usually summer, this summer is the exception. Perth’s rain usually falls in winter. Perth has lovely beaches.