What is the 300 Spartan workout?

What is the 300 Spartan workout?

Created by Hollywood trainer Mark Twight, the 300 Workout helped the actors from the movie “300” transform into muscular Spartan warriors. The workout consists of seven bodyweight and weighted exercises performed with little to no rest between them for a total of 300 reps.

How do I get a body like the Spartans in 300?

This is the intense 300 Spartan workout used by the cast of the movie that delivers results….Spartan 300 Workout.

Exercise Reps
Push Ups 50
Box Jumps 50 using 24″ box
Floor Wipers 50 holding 135 pounds at arm’s length
Kettlebell or Dumbbell Clean and Press 25 reps per arm using 36 pounds

How can I get ripped like a Spartan?

Exercise List

  1. Floor Chest Press – 40 reps.
  2. Jump Squats – 30 reps.
  3. Cleans – 30 reps.
  4. Floor Windshield Wipers – 50 reps ( 25 per side)
  5. Bent Over Rows – 30 reps.
  6. Push Press – 40 reps.
  7. Power Barbell Sprawls with Curl – 40 reps.
  8. Deadlift – 40 reps.

What is a Sparta workout?

This exercise includes 25 pull ups, 50 deadlifts of 135 pounds (61.2 kg), 50 push ups, 50 box jumps of 24 inches (60.9 cm), 50 floor wipers of 135 pounds (61.2 kg), 50 clean and press lifts at 36 pounds (16.3 kg) and a finishing total of an additional 25 pull ups to complete the final Spartan workout experience.

What was Spartans diet?

The Spartans, noted among ancient writers for their austerity, prepared a black broth of blood and boiled pig’s leg, seasoned with vinegar, which they combined with servings of barley, fruit, raw greens, wine and, at larger dinners, sausages or roasted meat. Spartan boys were sparingly issued barley cakes.

Are the ABS Real in 300?

And while the actor and his “Copshop” co-star, Alexis Louder, joked around that his abs were fake in the film (“Everything on me is fake! This is a fake face,” Butler cracked, motioning to his mug), he clarified that he did indeed take to extreme measures to get ripped for the role. “They were real.

Was Gerard Butler really in shape for 300?

Gerard Butler on preparing 300’s Leonidas As the conversation moved further, the actor asserted that his shape for Leonidas was the best shape he has ever been in his life. He recalled working out six hours a day – two hours of CrossFit-style training, two hours of bodybuilding and two hours on fight choreography.

Did they use body suits in 300?

What physique did Spartans have?

It was the body of a lean, well-built, quick and agile all-rounder, who was able to bear hardship and deprivation without losing his ability to fight. Mandatory training meant that the average Spartan would have been closer to this ideal than other Greeks.

Are the bodies in 300 real?

How many push-ups did Spartans do?

“Do your regular exercises, but do them many times more. A Spartan workout calls for a minimum of 25 rep push-ups. It can go up to 50-100 reps depending on your stamina.

Can Spartans leave their armor?

Yes, Spartans can get their suits off, even by themselves. S-117 takes off is suit in FoR when he is briefed by Major Silva.