What is the best CAS latency for RAM?

What is the best CAS latency for RAM?

Best DDR4 RAM These DIMMs offer a decent overclock to 3,200MHz right off the bat, and that’s paired with a CAS latency of 16 clocks to stay speedy. You can get these memory modules running up to speed on both AMD and Intel motherboards as long as the board and CPU support speeds up to 3,200MHz.

Which is better CAS latency 9 or 11?

In general, the lower the CAS latency the better within a given memory technology. So, a CL-9 will be faster than a CL-11, all other things being equal.

Is CAS latency 16 good?

DDR4 3200 CAS 16 is still well within the range of ‘fine’ but it’s slower. You’d have to pay attention to both numbers.

Is CAS latency 10 good?

RAM speed vs. DDR3 RAM usually has a CAS latency of 9 or 10, while DDR4 will have a CAS latency of at least 15. However, because of its faster clock speeds, the newer standard has better performance overall.

Is CAS latency more important than speed?

CAS latencies are an inaccurate indicator of performance. True latency is best measured in nanoseconds. As speeds increase, true latencies decrease and/or remain roughly the same, meaning faster speeds deliver better performance.

Is CAS latency of 18 good?

Cas latency doesn’t matter as much as the ram frequency does. For ryzen 3000, 3200mhz or 3600 mhz with cl16-cl18 will be fine. CL18 by itself doesn’t mean anything, you need the RAM speed number too in order to calculate the actual latency.

Which is better CL18 or CL16?

A CL16 will perform substantially quicker than a CL18 at this memory speed. CL16 and CL18 have similar latency, with CL18 being somewhat slower. As a result, you may process data quicker with a CL16 RAM since it takes two fewer cycles to complete the task than a CL18 RAM.

Is CL18 or CL16 better?

Is CL18 faster than CL16?

Is CL16 faster than CL19?

DDR4-3600MHz CL19-20-20-40 is faster , but don’t expect it to give you advantage over the DDR4-3200MHz CL16-18-18-36 , the difference in gaming is almost 1 FPS.