What is the best decile rating?

What is the best decile rating?

Decile 1 schools are the 10% of schools with the highest proportion of students from low socio-economic communities. Decile 10 schools are the 10% of schools with the lowest proportion of students from these communities. However, a decile doesn’t indicate the overall socio-economic mix of the students at a school.

What decile is hobsonville primary?

School sector: Government
Decile rating: 9 Primary school decile ranking
Website: http://www.hobsonville.school.nz
Address: 104 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland
Phone: 09-4168619

What decile is Takapuna Grammar?

Established in 1927, the school mainly serves the eponymous suburb of Takapuna and the entire Devonport Peninsula. A total of 1879 students from Years 9 to 13 (ages 12 to 18) attend the school as of March 2022….

Takapuna Grammar School
Principal Mary Nixon
School roll 1879 (March 2022)
Socio-economic decile 10Z

What decile is Matipo primary?

School type: Contributing(year 1-6) school
Total student: 390 (boy:198, girl:192)
Decile rating: 6 Primary school decile ranking
Website: http://matipo.school.nz
Address: 63B Matipo Road, Te Atatu North, Auckland

What decile is Al Madinah school?

School sector: Government
Gender: Co-Ed
Total student: 465 (boy:218, girl:247)
Decile rating: 2 High school decile ranking
NCEA rank: No.305 (2011)

What decile is King’s College?

King’s College, often informally referred to simply as King’s, is an independent secondary boarding and day school in New Zealand. It educates over 1000 pupils, aged 13 to 18 years….King’s College, Auckland.

King’s College
Gender Junior: Boys Senior: Co-ed
Enrolment 1167 (March 2022)
Colour(s) Maroon
Socio-economic decile 10

What decile is Birkenhead college?

Decile 06
School Qualifications: NCEA Level 3

Comparison group Below NCEA level 3
2018 2020
State 24,548 22,420
Decile 06 4,240 3,803
New Zealand 27,463 24,697

Is 8th decile good?

If you scored in the 8th decile, that means you fall in the 80-90 percentile, and you beat at least 80% of other people. So, what’s that mean? 10th decile is low, and not good. While the 1st decile is fantastic.

Is 3rd decile good?

The higher your place in the decile rankings, the higher your overall ranking. For example, if you were in the 99th percentile for a particular test, that would put you in the decile ranking of 10….What is a Decile?

Decile Rank Percentile
3 30th
4 40th
5 50th
6 60th

What is the 8th decile?

For example, the eighth decile is the value where 80% of the observations fall below this and 20% occur above it. The fifth decile represents the median.