What is the best live version of Hotel California?

What is the best live version of Hotel California?

The Eagles 1977 performance of “Hotel California” at the Capital Centre is considered one of their greatest live performances of all time. It’s extremely hard to differentiate between the studio and this particular live version of the song, because they play it so perfectly.

What are the Eagles number one hits?

1, all with classic Eagles singles: “Best of My Love,” “One of these Nights” (both in 1975), “New Kid in Town,” “Hotel California” (both in 1977) and “Heartache Tonight” (1979).

Are there two versions of Hotel California?

The Eagles unveiled a remarkable live version of their classic, “Hotel California,” which will appear on the upcoming 40th anniversary deluxe edition of Hotel California, out November 24th. The version is from the Forum in Los Angeles in October 1976, just months before the album’s release.

When was the first time Hotel California was played live?

The first live venue where the band ever performed “Hotel California” dates back to ASU’s activity center in 1976.

What are the most popular Eagles songs?

The Eagles – “Hotel California”

  • The Eagles – “Desperado” The Henley showcase from the album of the same name boasts a desolate,tumbleweeds-rolling-in-the-sunset ambience that makes a genuinely cinematic impact.
  • The Eagles – “Take It Easy” The take-off point,a Frey-Browne collaboration that put a corner in Winslow,Ariz.
  • What is the Eagles song the last resort?

    “From the title track — a 6 1/2-minute flamenco-reggae ballad— to the elegiac closer ‘The Last Resort,’ it’s consummately performed…” -Los Angeles Times “The band performed the album from front to back, following with a blazing greatest hits set that had the audience at the sold-out arena constantly on its feet…

    Who sang the most Eagles songs?

    Eagles (1972) Glenn Frey – 4: “Take It Easy,” “Chug All Night,” “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Get You in the Mood” (B-side) Randy Meisner – 3: “Most of Us Are Sad,” “Take the Devil” and “Tryin

    What songs do the Eagles sing?

    ‘Take It to the Limit’ From: ‘ One of These Nights ‘ (1975)

  • ‘The Sad Cafe’ From: ‘The Long Run’ (1979)
  • ‘Visions’ From: ‘ One of These Nights ‘ (1975)
  • ‘ Hotel California[Live]’ From: ‘Hell Freezes Over’ (1994)
  • ‘ Good Day in Hell ‘ From: ‘On the Border’ (1974)
  • ‘ One of These Nights ‘
  • ‘Those Shoes’
  • ‘ Victim of Love ‘