What is the format of PF account number?

What is the format of PF account number?

PF account number is a 22 digit unique number, the first 2 letters are “region code”, the next 3 letters are “office code”, & next 7 digits are “establishment registration code”, & the next 3 Zeroes are “establishment extension” & last 7 digits are PF member id of the employee.

How do I find my employee PF number?

How to know the PF account number

  1. Check for the number in your salary slip. Your employer operates your EPF account, and you will find your EPF account number on your salary slip.
  2. Consult the HR department at your workplace.
  3. Use the UAN portal.
  4. Visit the regional office.

Is Member ID is PF account number?

Member Id or Member Identification Numbers or PF account number is the number given by EPFO to allow the employer to submit EPF and EPS contribution for the employee. It’s like Employer opens an EPF account for its employee and contributes to that account every month.

Where can I find establishment ID in PF number?

Establishment code in PF is a 7 digit number (the first Two zeroes are generally Zeroes) given to each and every organization who is covering under EPF scheme 1952. For example, if the PF account number of an employee in Chennai is TN/MAS/0047628/000/0000123 then the establishment code is 47628.

Is PF number and PF account number Same?

The PF number is only numeric and is managed by a trust. The PF number is not special and varies if an employee changes employers. The universal account number (UAN), unlike the PF account number, is a one-of-a-kind number assigned to each employee.

Is PF number and UAN number same?

PF Number comprises all PF information and details of PF transaction of an employee with the issuing organization. UAN is a permanent number, eligible throughout an individual’s lifetime. Your PF number changes when you switch jobs. It is a 12-digit number.

Is PF account number and UAN same?

The acronym UAN stands for Universal Account Number that comprises information of all Member Ids of an employee. PF Number comprises all PF information and details of PF transaction of an employee with the issuing organization. UAN is a permanent number, eligible throughout an individual’s lifetime.

Where is PF account number in UAN portal?

You can easily find your PF number with your UAN. Thus, you can visit https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ and log in using UAN and password.

What is account number in PF mid?

MID in PF means “member ID“, in simple it is your actual PF account number. While applying for PF transfer online in the UAN member portal you will find this option to enter your member ID. You can get your PF member ID by visiting the service history option in the UAN portal.

What is PF account?

Employee Provident Fund, or EPF, is the product. Provident fund is a government-managed retirement savings scheme for employees who can contribute a part of their pension fund every month. These monthly savings get accumulated every month, easily accessible as a lump sum amount at retirement or the end of employment.

How can I get my PF account?

Step 1: Log on to the EPFO portal. Go to the tab ‘Our Services’ and choose the option that says “for employees” from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Now, click on the option ‘Member passbook’ under “Services.” Step 3: A login page will appear.

What is PF account number and UAN number?

What is account No 21 in PF?

Account 21: This is the part that deals with the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance and contributions made towards it.

How can I check my PF details online?

As per the recent changes done by EPFO, an EPFO member can check its PF balance online in four ways — by logging in at Umang App, using EPFO portal, by sending SMS to 7738299899 or by giving a missed call 011-22901406. EPFO subscribers can now check their PF balance on their mobile phones using Umang App.

How can I login my PF account without UAN number?

HERE IS HOW TO CHECK EPF BALANCE CHECK WITHOUT UAN: Go to “Member Balance Information” Select your state and click on your EPFO office link. Enter your PF Account Number, name, and registered mobile number. Click on ‘Submit’ and your PF balance will be displayed.

Is PF number and UAN number is same?

What is account No 22 in PF?

A/C No 22:0.01% Subject To Minimum Rs.200. Category Of Establishment : Non-Functional Establishment Having No PF Member (Employee) Before Amendment.

What is account 10 and 21 in PF?

Account 10: This is a section where contributions to pension funds are mentioned. Account 21: This is the part that deals with the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance and contributions made towards it.

How can I know my EPF UAN number?

Visit the UAN portal at unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ Then select the ‘Know your UAN Status’ option. From the drop-down menu on the following page, select your state and EPFO office. Enter your PF number/member ID, as well as your name, date of birth, phone number, and captcha code.

How can I check my PF balance without UAN number?

To know PF balance without UAN, sending SMS will be of use. One just needs to send SMS at 7738299899 but make sure it is from your registered mobile number. After sending the SMS, one will receive the last PF contribution and also the balance details of the member specific to your KYC details.

What is an employee PF account number?

Employee PF Account Number. The Employees’ Provident Fund Account Number is an account number that can be used by employees to check the status of their EPF, the balance in the EPF account, etc. The number is mandatory for withdrawals from EPF.

What is the PF account number format for Maharashtra?

For example MH/BAN/0000064/000/0000123 is PF number of an employee who is working in Maharashtra and belongs to Bandra PF office. PF Account Number Format. MH: The first Two characters are region code. Here MH means Maharashtra. BAN: The Three characters followed by region code is office code. Here BAN means Bandra PF office.

Where can I find PF office in Hyderabad?

PF Office Hyderabad General Information. Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan. No. 3-4-763, Barkatpura Chaman, Hyderabad Telangana – 500027. भविष्य निधि भवन. सं 3-4-763, बर्कात्पुरा चमन, हैदराबाद तेलंगाना – 500027. Regional P. F. Commissioner contact numbers. Phone No: +91- 40- 27564054, 27566271, 27564947.

What is the PF number format in Chennai?

PF Number Format Chennai. If your PF number format is like TN/MAS/0045678/000/0000123 then you will come under the Chennai region. In this PF number, TN is region code, MAS is office code, 0045678 is establishment code, 000 is establishment extension and 0000123 is PF member id of the employee.