What is the maximum effective range of a Mosin-Nagant?

What is the maximum effective range of a Mosin-Nagant?

500 metres

Action Bolt action
Muzzle velocity Light ball, ~ 865 m/s (2,838 ft/s) rifle ~ 800 m/s (2,625 ft/s) carbine.
Effective firing range 500 metres (550 yd), 800+ m (875+ yards with optics)
Feed system 5-round non-detachable magazine, loaded individually or with 5-round stripper clips

What is M44 Mosin-Nagant?

The Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine is a Russian/Soviet carbine-length, bolt action rifle in 7.62x54R. It’s a shorter, carbine version to the longer Mosin M1891s and 91/30s. While the M38 was made from 1938-45, the M44 was a late WWII modification that was only produced in Russia from 1944-48.

Should I Sporterize a Mosin-Nagant?

While purists might consider it sacrilege, the vast quantity of surplus Mosin-Nagant rifles make it the perfect platform for sporterizing. The results can be truly suprising.

Why is it called the 3 line rifle?

It is chambered in the Russian standard 7.62x54R and was the brainchild of Captain Sergei Mosin and Leon Nagant (Russian and Belgian respectively) and is known in Russia as the 3 line rifle (due to the calibre being the equivalent of 3 lines in the Imperial Russian system of measurement.

What rifle did Russia use in ww2?

Mosin–Nagant M1944
Rifles, sniper rifles and battle rifles

Name Type Origin
Mosin–Nagant M1944 Carbine Bolt-action rifle Soviet Union
Tokarev SVT-38 Semi-automatic rifle Soviet Union
Tokarev SVT-40 Semi-automatic rifle / Sniper rifle (with 3.5× PU scope attached) Soviet Union
Federov Avtomat Battle rifle Russian Empire

What does it mean when a rifle has been Sporterized?

Sporterising, sporterisation or sporterization is the practice of modifying military-type firearms either to make them suitable for civilian sporting use or to make them legal under the law.

What does it mean if a rifle is Sporterized?

Sporterizing is taking an old military rifle and making it into a hunting or “sporting” rifle. There was once a time when old military bolt-action rifles could be easily found across the country. Many G.I.s brought back captured rifles from overseas, officially or not.