What is the meaning in ignore?

What is the meaning in ignore?

to refuse to take notice of
Definition of ignore transitive verb. 1 : to refuse to take notice of. 2 : to reject (a bill of indictment) as ungrounded.

What is ignore in Latin?

From French ignorer, from Latin ignōrō (“to have no knowledge of, mistake, take no notice of, ignore”), from ignārus (“not knowing”), from in + gnārus (“knowing”), from gnōscō, nōscō; see know.

What is it called when you ignore a person?

Neglect is a verb that has a related meaning to ignore.

What type of word is ignore?

verb (used with object), ig·nored, ig·nor·ing. to refrain from noticing or recognizing: to ignore insulting remarks.

How do I use ignore?

He ignored all the ‘No Smoking’ signs and lit up a cigarette. I made a suggestion but they chose to ignore it. We cannot afford to ignore their advice….

  1. He continued eating, deciding to ignore her.
  2. I shrugged, pretending to ignore him.
  3. She sat at her desk and studiously ignored me.

Is ignore and avoid the same?

avoid means you try not to see that person, or thing or have any contact with them. So for example if someone has an allergy to nuts the they will avoid eating them. or if you are avoiding a person you might try to not not go to places that person might be. to ignore is pretending not to notice.

Is ignore the root word of ignorant?

Ignorant shares a root with the word ignore, one of those etymological connections which appear obvious once they are pointed out, yet remained overlooked by most. Both words come from the Latin ignorare (“to ignore, be ignorant of”).

What is the noun form of ignore?

a few dictionaries say that it is “ignorance”.

Why do people ignore you?

Here are some reasons you might be ignored by friends: You might be too negative. You might be too high- or low energy compared to your friend. You might talk too much about yourself. You might talk about things your friend isn’t interested in.

Is it okay to ignore someone?

Simply ignoring someone because you are not in the mood to talk is not mature behavior. However, there are times when ignoring someone may be the only way to avoid engaging in conflict or making an existing situation potentially damaging. If any of the following occur, if it’s possible, ignore the person.

How can I use the word ignore in a sentence?

Ignore sentence example

  1. She was trying hard to ignore the sensations in her body.
  2. Just ignore them and finish up.
  3. Yet, in spite of the obstacles, it seemed utterly sinful to ignore the potential.
  4. Ignore it if you can’t take it.
  5. Fine.
  6. You stay put, they just might ignore you.

How do you ignore someone without hurting them?

How to Avoid Friends Without Hurting Them

  1. 1 Ask them to give you some space if you need it.
  2. 2 Tell them you can’t text or call them as much.
  3. 3 Mute them on social media.
  4. 4 Don’t share your plans and location on social media.
  5. 5 Take a fake phone call to get out of talking to them.

What is the act of ignoring?

sweep aside. phrasal verb. to ignore someone or something, or to refuse to consider them.

What’s the difference between ignorance and ignore?

While ‘ignore’ refers to not paying attention to something, ‘ignorance’ refers to lack of knowledge of something.

When did I ignore you meaning?

verb. If you ignore someone or something, you pay no attention to them.

Do you ignore someone you love?

Ignoring someone you love isn’t easy, so it’s important to stay strong and stand your ground. It’s hard to act like you aren’t pleased to be around your crush but stick to the plan. When done right, ignoring the object of your affection can lead to a stronger bond and a more exciting relationship.

Are you ignoring me meaning?

The situation is that you are trying to speak to someone, or at least attract their attention, but they are not looking at you or responding in any way. So, “Are you ignoring me?” followed perhaps by “Why are you ignoring me?” and then “Well, if you’re just going to ignore me, I’m leaving. Goodbye”.