What is the meaning of educomp?

What is the meaning of educomp?

Educomp smartclass is a flagship brand of Educomp Solutions, India’s largest Education company. Born in 2003, Educomp smartclass has created shall we say, yet another divide of Have and Have Nots: schools that have Educomp smartclass and schools that don’t.

What are smart classes?

A smart classroom is an EdTech-upgraded classroom that enhances the teaching and learning process for both the teachers and the students by inculcating audio, video, animations, images, multimedia etc.

Why did educomp fail?

“The borrowing company and its directors, guarantors and unknown others conspired and committed the acts of forgery, including valuable securities, used forged documents as genuine, diverted and siphoned off the banks’ funds and cheated the lending banks to the tune of ₹1955.36 crore,” the CBI said.

What is online smart class?

Online smart class is the space on the internet shared with many students. Smart Class online gives many facilities such as 3D animation video, PDF files, Online Test, screen recording option, video conferencing, auto-save options, and PPTs. It makes learning enjoyable for students with creativity and visualization.

Who is the owner of educomp?

Shantanu Prakash
Educomp was a sort of star circa 2008-12. Founded and run by Shantanu Prakash, an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad and Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, it sold ‘Smartclass’ – hardware for digitally equipping classrooms – to thousands of schools and seemed to have hit upon a great idea in the ever-growing education sector.

What is the future of educomp share?

EDUCOMP is trading in the lower range of yearly prices. EDUCOMP is trading in the lower range of the quarterly prices….

Upside intraday target 3.7
Upside intraday target 3.86
Upside short term target 4.23
Upside mid term target 4.87
Upside long term target 5.78

Why Smart class is important?

The smart classes help teachers to deliver lectures more effectively for their better learning experience. It has a digital board, projectors, computers, LED, internet facility etc for imparting quality education. Teachers can show any practical solutions to the students using many education websites and apps.

What is the price of smart class?

Department of Education, Govt of NCT of Delhi in the PAB 2018-19 got the approval of Rs 652.3 Lakhs for the proposal for setting up of Digital Board/ Smart Classroom at a cost of Rs 1.1 Lakh per classroom in 593 schools.

Who bought Educomp?

Ebix Inc
Last week, US-based software company Ebix Inc – which won its bid to acquire Educomp through the insolvency and bankruptcy process – announced that it would be buying a 60% stake in Smartclass Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. (SESPL) for up to $8 million (~Rs 53.2 crore).

Is Educomp a good buy?

Based on estimated strong earnings growth and dearth of other similar investment options in education space, we recommend BUY on Educomp with 1-year target price of Rs817 (15x FY12E EPS). However, low independence and small size of the Board is a key concern.

Are smart classes smart enough topic?

Use of smart learning system increases the interaction of teachers and students, as they follow each other in the process and it becomes easy for teachers as well, to keep a track on students learning power. Also, the use of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process for all students.

What is the future of Educomp share?

Is Educomp still in business?

Cut to 2020, Prakash’s company Educomp Solutions is bankrupt and on February 11, he was booked by Central Board of Investigation (CBI). The CBI on February 11 registered a case against Educomp Solutions, Prakash and another individual for alleged bank fraud.

Is educomp a good buy?

What is future of Educomp Solutions Ltd?

The Educomp Solutions stock price may drop from 3.470 INR to 2.947 INR . The change will be -15.0660%.

Are smart classes really smart essay?

Yes up-to a great extent it is helpful. As being interactive it helps student to understand and remember things easily. If you think we remember lot of of things in life which we have experienced or seen rather than just reading. So these classes re good innovation for study.

What is a smart classroom equipment?

Smart Classroom Equipment is a solution designed to help teachers in meeting with new challenges and developing student’s abilities and performance. It helps the teachers to access multimedia content and information that can be used for teaching students more effectively.

How do you set up a smart classroom?

Start the installation by downloading the Student installation wizard .exe file from the SMART website. 1. Go to smarttech.com/software, click the Choose a version button for SMART Classroom Suite interactive learning software, and then select SMART Classroom Suite 2011 software.

Why do we need smart classes?

Are smart classes benefits?

Advantages of Smart Classroom

  • Enhanced Learning Experience. A digital smart classroom provides enhanced teaching and learning experience.
  • Interactive Learning Experience.
  • Easy Access to Online Resources.
  • Time Saving Technology.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Increased Productivity.
  • Highly Effective.
  • Motivate Students.

What is Educomp Smartclass?

At the core of Educomp smartclass, is a vast repository of digital instruction materials exactly mapped to meet with the specific objectives laid out by different learning standards and curricula by schools across the country.

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What are the features of Smartclass?

The smartclass 5.0 includes exciting and useful features such as Objective type tests, Practice Exercises, Board preparation materials and Subject notes (English Prose, Accountancy, History, Political Science and Hindi Grammar) Science experiments for classes 6 to 10, show students the practical side of science.