What is the meaning of obliterator?

What is the meaning of obliterator?

: to remove, destroy, or hide completely. obliterate. transitive verb. oblit·​er·​ate | \ ə-ˈblit-ə-ˌrāt, ō- \ obliterated; obliterating.

What are the synonyms of obliterate?

synonyms for obliterate

  • annihilate.
  • black out.
  • eliminate.
  • eradicate.
  • erase.
  • expunge.
  • exterminate.
  • knock out.

How do you pronounce obliterator?

Phonetic spelling of obliterator

  1. oblit-er-a-tor.
  2. uh-blit-uh-reyt. Gerardo Deckow.
  3. ob-liter-ator. Anabelle Heaney.

What is the synonym of devil?

1 (noun) in the sense of Satan. Synonyms. Satan. Beelzebub. Evil One.

What happens when you throw the One-Hit Obliterator?

A weapon that defeats foes with one hit and causes the user to die from one hit. It loses its sheen and power after two consecutive uses, but will eventually regain both. The One-Hit Obliterator is an unbreakable Weapon that can instantly defeat enemies in a single hit.

How do you get an obliterator?

The One-Hit Obliterator is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a weapon obtained upon installing the “The Champions’ Ballad” DLC pack and heading to the Shrine of Resurrection after freeing all of the Divine Beasts.

How do you use an obliterator?

Using the Obliterator is simple. Interact with it like any other object, then choose which items you want to get rid of. Pull the lever, and presto – instant obliteration. At last, there’s a solution to dealing with full inventory.

What do you put in an obliterator?

Almost everything that fits in your inventory can be disposed of using the Obliterator, including crafting materials, trophies, armor, weapons, and tools. Only once the lever is pulled will the items disappear; before that, they’re held in the Obliterator’s storage compartments and can still be picked back up.

Is Ruinner a word?

Yes, ruiner is in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Ruiners a word?

RUINERS is a valid scrabble word.