What is the meaning of the idiot Proof?

What is the meaning of the idiot Proof?

extremely easy to operate or
Definition of idiotproof : extremely easy to operate or maintain.

What’s another word for idiot proof?

What is another word for idiot-proof?

foolproof dependable
airtight faultless
goofproof secure
unbreakable fail-safe
sure-fire never-failing

What is an example of idiot?

The definition of an idiot is a fool or stupid person. An example of an idiot is a person who thinks it’s safe to play in traffic. noun. 4. A person with profound intellectual disability having a mental age below three years and generally unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers.

Is fail proof a word?

Failproof definition Resistant to failure; that cannot go wrong.

Where does the term foolproof come from?

The term “foolproof” originates in 1902. The term “idiot-proof” became popular in the 1970s. It may have been invented as a stronger-sounding version of foolproof, as the force of foolproof had declined due to frequent usage.

What idiot means?

a foolish or stupid person
Definition of idiot 1 : a foolish or stupid person “…

Is idiot a rude word?

Along with terms like moron, imbecile, and cretin, its use to describe people with mental disabilities is considered archaic and offensive.

How do you use foolproof?

Here are a few example sentences,

  1. I have devised a foolproof plan to rule the world with my dog by my side.
  2. The politician thought his scheme was foolproof, but now he is in jail.

What does full proof mean?

This adjective means “involving no risk or harm, or never-failing.” In other words, something foolproof would still work even if a fool were operating it.

How do you use foolproof in a sentence?

1. The directions are so simple that they are practically foolproof, even a toddler could figure it out without being able to read. 2. They said that this plan was foolproof, but I suppose Brendan was just the kind of fool it needed to mess it up.

What does down the rabbit hole mean?

Used especially in the phrase going down the rabbit hole or falling down the rabbit hole, a rabbit hole is a metaphor for something that transports someone into a wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation.

What does the idiom eat your words mean?

to admit that something you said before was wrong: Sam said it would never sell, but when he sees these sales figures he’ll have to eat his words.

Is idiot a name?

Idiot – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

Who is idiot in India?

“An idiot is one who is of non-sane memory from his birth, by a perpetual infirmity, without lucid intervals: and those are said to be idiots who cannot count 20, or tell the days of the week or who do not know their fathers or mothers or the like,” said the judgement by Justices Arijit Pasayat and M K Sharma.

Is full proof correct?

In summary, Foolproof is the correct spelling. Fullproof is a spelling error.

What does it mean by 80 proof?

Answer: Proof is defined as twice the alcohol (ethanol) content by volume. For example, a whisky with 50% alcohol is 100-proof whiskey. Anything 120-proof would contain 60% alcohol, and 80-proof means 40% of the liquid is alcohol.

Is it full proof or foolproof?

Foolproof means infallible, or so simple or well-made that nothing can go wrong. It’s synonyms are reliable, sure, guaranteed, and flawless. There’s no such word as fullproof.

Is foolproof hyphenated?

The correct term to use in this instance is foolproof. It is sometimes hyphenated as fool-proof, but the conventional and more widely accepted spelling is as a single word. Used as an adjective, foolproof means that something is infallible.

What does chasing the White Rabbit mean?

to chase the impossible
In English, chasing a white rabbit means to chase the impossible, a fantasy, a dream. In 1967, the rock band Jefferson Airplane wrote a song called “White Rabbit.” The song tells of Alice’s adventures and hints that drugs are involved. And if you go chasing rabbits. And you know you’re going to fall.