What is the opposite of will?

What is the opposite of will?

What is the opposite of will?

unwillingness reluctance
resistance antipathy
qualms denial
indifference repugnance
scruples dislike

What Is a Many opposite?

Antonym of Many Word. Antonym. Many. Some, Few. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the opposite of Will not?

What is the opposite of wont?

unwilling reluctant
disinclined averse
unenthusiastic indisposed
resistant hesitant
grudging uneager

What is the opposite of free will?

Free will is the ability to make something happen without the influence of the environment or heredity. The opposite of free will is hard determinism, the belief that all our choices are caused.

What’s another word for I will?

What is another word for will?

volition accord
free decision free choice
one’s discretion voluntary decision
one’s own choice one’s own will
own say so assent

What’s another name for a will?

Testamentary: Having to do with a will. For example, a trust that is set up in a will is called a testamentary trust. Testator: Someone who writes and executes (signs) a will. Testatrix: The old-fashioned term for a female will-writer.

Is little opposite of many?

“Indeed, many are called, but few are chosen.”…What is the opposite of many?

a little a few
a handful a limited amount
a piddling amount a small amount
a trifling amount one or two
a small number a tiny amount

Is opposite of many less?

So the opposite of “many” is “few”, which is the small amount below “many”.

Will not meaning?

Will not; used to indicate a future non-occurring action. Sam won’t be doing any work this afternoon. contraction. 6.

Is free will Opposite of Fate?

Main Differences Between Fate and Free Will Fate can be described as a stretch of one’s imagination and is something that happens to us but is beyond our control. On the other hand, Free Will is a phenomenon when we exercise our will to accomplish something or abstain from doing it.

What type of word is will?

Will and shall are modal verbs. They are used with the base form of the main verb (They will go; I shall ask her).

Will synonyms and antonyms?

synonyms for will

  • attitude.
  • character.
  • decision.
  • desire.
  • determination.
  • discipline.
  • feeling.
  • inclination.

What is the opposite of many and numerous?

What is the opposite of numerous?

few minimal
a small number of not many
only some scarcely any
not too many one or two
some widely spaced

What is the opposite of many and much?

“Few” is the opposite of “many.”

Will is past tense?

Since both will and would have so many different senses, it can be difficult to remember when to choose which one. One easy rule of thumb is that will is never past tense. It can be present tense and several different future moods and tenses, but never past tense.

What is another word for will not?

What is another word for will and will not?

blow hot and cold be indecisive
be undecided be unsure
dither hesitate
oscillate shilly-shally
vacillate waver

What is opposite example?

An example of opposite is black, as compared to white. noun. 1. The definition of opposite is something or someone who is across from you or who is on a different side as you are. An example of opposite is the side of the street that you must cross to get to.

Antonyms for will include unwillingness, reluctance, disinclination, hesitation, nolition, aversion, hesitance, hesitancy, averseness and demurral. Find more opposite

What are some words related to will?

Words Related to will. self-abnegation, self-denial. moderateness, moderation, temperance, temperateness. determination, nerve. command, control, discipline, mastery. abnegation, abstention, avoidance, eschewal, forbearance. abstinence, soberness, sobriety.

What is the meaning of will?

Synonyms & Antonyms of will (Entry 2 of 2) 1 the power to control one’s actions, impulses, or emotions. she kept her face still by sheer force of will.