What is the rarest Bakugan toy?

What is the rarest Bakugan toy?

Ultra Rare Bakugan

Ultra Rare Bakulog
Faction B-Power Available at
Pyrus 400 Exclusive to United States Targets
Pyrus/ Aurelus 600 Exclusive to United States Wal-Marts
Aquos 1400 Exclusive to Wal-Marts

What is the strongest Bakugan?

the Maxus Dragonoid
One of the biggest and most powerful Bakugan yet, the Maxus Dragonoid will have your Bakugan opponents quaking in fear. It includes one Bakugan warrior and six traps that, when transformed, can be assembled into a giant dragon robot.

How do you get the diamond Bakugan?

Diamond Bakugan are extremely elusive treasures that will only be found by the luckiest brawlers. Make sure to snatch them up if you see them, because once Diamond Bakugan are gone, they’re GONE. Normal Bakugan will continue to be restocked after they sell out, but Diamond Bakugan never will.

Are Golden bakugans rare?

From february 2012 spin master released golden bakugan from mechtanium surge, they are ultra rare and very hard to come by.

What is Tiko in Bakugan?

Tiko is a faun/dragon hybrid-like Bakugan and the former main antagonist of Bakugan Battle Planet. Tiko appeared as an evil Aurelus Bakugan, due his corruption by the V Virus. As of Bakugan: Armored Alliance Tiko has been completely cured from the V Virus.

Who is the legendary Bakugan?

Description. Oberus is the Legendary Ventus Bakugan, the most compassionate of the Six Legendary Bakugan. She has a beak-shaped head, and multiple butterfly wings.

Is marucho a boy or a girl?

Marucho Marukura
Age 11 (BB) 13 (NV) 15 (GI) 16 and 17 (MS)
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main attribute Aquos