What is the setting of the Titanic by Gordon Korman?

What is the setting of the Titanic by Gordon Korman?

As the Titanic sets sail from Southampton, England on her maiden voyage in April 1912, among the many passengers and crew on board are four young teenagers with very different lives: Juliana, Sophie, Paddy, and Alfie.

What genre is Titanic by Gordon Korman?

FictionUnsinkable / GenreFiction is any creative work, chiefly any narrative work, portraying individuals, events, or places in ways that are imaginary or inconsistent with history, fact, or plausibility. In a narrow sense, “fiction” refers to written narratives in prose – often limited to novels, novellas, and short stories. Wikipedia

How old is paddy in the Titanic?

Paddy Burns is a 14-year-old Belfast street waif scraping by as a pickpocket. When he and his partner in crime unsuspectingly target the brother of the head of the Gilhooley mob family, things take a turn for the worse, with Paddy narrowly escaping certain death at the hands of the gangsters.

What is the theme of Titanic unsinkable?

One of the defining moments of the early 20th century, the sinking of the “unsinkable” Titanic on its maiden voyage sent shock waves around the world with its implicit warning against human arrogance and technological pride.

How did Paddy get on the Titanic?

He decided to hide in sort of roll of cotton who was put on Titanic. He became so a stowaway on it,& since Daniel got killed, he didn’t have any reason to not left Belfast so he decided to stay in it.

Was Titanic based on a book?

Titanic: The Long Night is a 1998 romance novel by Diane Hoh. It is an entirely fictional story set aboard on the real ship, Titanic….Titanic: The Long Night.

Author Diane Hoh
ISBN 0-590-33123-X
OCLC 38531222
Followed by Remembering the Titanic

Are there unsinkable ships?

Although it may not be very comforting, the truth is there is no such thing as an unsinkable ship. No matter how sophisticated the safety features or how impressive the size, all ships are vulnerable given the wrong circumstances.

What happened when Paddy tried to spend the one pound note?

Paddy found that out when he tried to spend one of the banknotes, even though Daniel told him not to. Paddy gave chase and ran to Daniel. The two tried to get away,but the Gilhooleys killed Daniel and Paddy barely escaped.

Who was Paddy on Titanic?

Fenton, otherwise known as “Paddy the Pig.” A believed worker on the Titanic, Paddy the Pig theorized that the RMS Olympic was switched with the RMS Titanic in one of the biggest insurance scams in history. He argued that it made little sense; little to no effort was made to save the sinking ship.

Did the owner of the Titanic survive?

J. Bruce Ismay, in full Joseph Bruce Ismay, (born December 12, 1862, Crosby, near Liverpool, England—died October 17, 1937, London), British businessman who was chairman of the White Star Line and who survived the sinking of the company’s ship Titanic in 1912.

Can you Unsink a ship?

The short answer is no. And anyway, it seems the claim that it was unsinkable didn’t come from engineers but rather from advertisements for the Titanic. The ship had a lot of design features—such as the watertight compartments and their bulkheads—that may have led people to believe that it wouldn’t sink.

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