What is the story behind Bright?

What is the story behind Bright?

The film is set in an alternate present in which humans and mythical creatures co-exist and details an LAPD police officer and his orc partner confronting racism and police corruption while protecting a magic wand and the elf girl who wields it. Principal photography began in November 2016 in Los Angeles.

Who plays the orc in the movie Bright?

Joel Edgerton
Joel Edgerton is an Australian actor and filmmaker. He portrays the role of Nick Jakoby in the Netflix Original film Bright.

Is bright a movie or series?

Bright is an American urban fantasy crime film directed by David Ayer and written by Max Landis. Bright stars Will Smith as Daryl Ward, a LAPD police officer who teams up Orc cop Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) in a world of both human and mythical creatures.

Who is a bright in the movie Bright?

WHAT IS A BRIGHT? A Bright is the word for a magic user in this universe. Most Brights tend to be Elves, who are able to wield great magical power. However, there have been known to be human Brights as well, but they are rare – one in a million.

Is Bright connected to LOTR?

Will Smith’s ‘Bright’ Is a Netflix Mash-Up of ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Bad Boys’

Will there be a Bright 2?

A sequel to Will Smith’s December 2017 Netflix big-budget sci-fi thriller, Bright, has been canceled. According to reporting from Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw, the cancelation was “unrelated” to the incident where the star slapped comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

Is Bright based on Lord of the Rings?

Will Netflix make a Bright 2?

Is Bright worth watching?

The plot is utterly predictable, each emotional beat more akin to a pop song than a $90 million dollar feature film. In that way, it works as a pastiche of ironic urban dread from the ’80s, grittily realistic landscapes ensconced in sci-fi. But despite all its shortcomings, the damn thing is also worth watching.

Why did the wand glow red in Bright?

Now, why did the wand turn red? There may be three options here: the first one is that the wand turns red when the Bright holding it is inexperienced, as in the case of Ward, the case against this theory is that Tikka took the wand and she used it but the magical device remained blue.

Is Bright 2 Cancelled?

Netflix has officially canceled the development of Bright 2, a sequel to Bright, the 2017 film directed by David Ayer, starring Smith.

Did Bright make money?

If all 11 million viewers had purchased a movie ticket at the average price of $8.91, Bright would have earned $98.2 million in its opening weekend, good for ninth-biggest of the year. For comparison, Star Wars: The Last Jedi earned $71.5 million this past weekend, its second in wide release.

Does Bright have a book?

No, Bright is not based on any book.

Where can I watch Bright 2?

Louis Leterrier to Direct ‘Bright 2’ for Netflix; Will Smith, Joel Edgerton Returning

  • 05 May 2020.
  • Collider.com.

Will there be a bright 2?

Is Bright rated R?

Netflix original fantasy movie ‘Bright’ leans hard into race and ‘that R-rated grind’ Comic-Con has never been so streamy.

Why isn’t there Ai Am Legend 2?

A follow-up to I Am Legend, originally planned as a prequel starring Smith, was teased for several years following the success of the movie, but ultimately didn’t pan out. It appeared that an I Am Legend 2 would never happen, that is until the surprising March 2022 announcement that a sequel is in the works.