What is the syllabus of eLitmus test?

What is the syllabus of eLitmus test?

eLitmus Written Test Syllabus and Paper Pattern for 2022

eLitmus Syllabus for 2022 Questions Marks for Section
Problem Solving and Reasoning 20 Questions 200 Marks
Quantitative Aptitude 20 Questions 200 Marks
Verbal 20 Questions 200 Marks
Total 60 Questions 600 Marks

Is eLitmus pH test easy?

You need more than 80% in all the sections to get called by companies for Interviews. Since pH test is very tough, so you need to prepare very well.

How much percentile is good in eLitmus?

80 percentile and above is generally considered to be a good score in eLitmus pH test.

Can we write eLitmus exam at home?

Is it possible to give online test in home? PLEASE CONFIRM. Anybody have any doubts?? @jaideep_2146427 yes u can just keep in mind your webcam will be on and will monitor you and about the test … don’t worry you all will get mails by 3pm on test day.

Is eLitmus tougher than cat?

eLitmus is easier than CAT as it is for entry level jobs and hence, it provides more opportunities to a large number of students where as CAT provides gate way to IIMs and other management colleges.

Can I give eLitmus test twice?

There is no restriction on the number of times you can take the eLitmus pH test. Similarly, there is no mandatory gap period that a candidate has to maintain between two attempts. This means that candidates can take the eLitmus pH test as many times as they want by paying the necessary fees.

Do eLitmus questions repeat?

Offline test requires eLitmus to develop only 18-20 question papers per year, with no test or question ever repeated. Moreover in Indian context, the infrastructure for online test often crumbles midway between the test.

What is a good pH score?

It means 80% of pH Test takers have scored less than him and 20% of pH Test takers have scored more than him in that section. Typically one’s scores is compared with approximately 1,20,000 pH test takers….What does a percentile score signify?

Percentile Approx. Rank*
80 24,000
70 36,000
60 48,000

Is 70 percentile good in eLitmus?

Answer:- There is no particular percentile or score which has been benchmarked by eLitmus as a good score but you will be eligible if you score more than 70 percentile in the test.

How many times I can attempt eLitmus?

What is good pH score?

Typically one’s scores is compared with approximately 1,20,000 pH test takers. So 20% of candidates that is 24,000 in all are above Ram. Indicative ranks in the pH test against few percentile score is provided below….What does a percentile score signify?

Percentile Approx. Rank*
90 12,000
80 24,000
70 36,000
60 48,000

Which is better CoCubes or eLitmus?

The average package is higher in eLitmus and it could even go to ₹22 LPA for suitable candidates. However, only 200 companies recruit through eLitmus. AMCAT and Cocubes have easier exam levels but eLitmus is harder. If you are looking for entry-level IT services jobs in Big MNCs, then you should appear for CoCubes.

Which is better amcat or eLitmus?

Overall, elitmus is much tougher and better as compared to AMCAT. I would suggest you to prepare for elitmus for one and a half month and then have the first go. Don’t worry about English- it’s very easy. The logical and aptitude, though are hard to crack.

How can I prepare for eLitmus?

How to Prepare for eLitmus

  1. What is eLitmus Test?
  2. Know companies that hire via eLitmus.
  3. Understand the pattern.
  4. Know the cut off.
  5. Importance of Cryptarithmetic section.
  6. Understanding weightage of each topic.
  7. Solving eLitmus Previous year papers.
  8. Will joining any online class be any worth of eLitmus.

How long is eLitmus score valid?

two years
The validity of the eLitmus Score is two years. The eLitmus pH Test is divided into three stages. Each component has a maximum score of 200 points, for a total of 600 points. Candidates can take the test as many times as they want.

Is eLitmus negative marking?

eLitmus test is a non – adaptive offline assessment written test exam with negative marking. The Test is Designed in such a manner that you will be able to Complete it in 3 hours. The difficulty of the questions are high.

Is RS Agarwal good for eLitmus?

No, Not at all ! R.S. Agrawal is a book for beginners and should only be used as the first aptitude book. For elitmus, you need CAT level preparation.

Is calculator allowed in eLitmus?

NO, They do not allow any electronic gadget, including the calculator. It is written specifically in the instructions. No, there is no any electronic gadget are allowed in the exam.

How many times can I give eLitmus?

What is the best time to give eLitmus?

The Best Month To Give eLitmus Exam for On-Campus and Off -Campus is different. The best month for On-Campus eLitmus Exam is between July to Mid-December and the best month for Writing The eLitmus Exam for Off-Campus Drives is between January to April.