What is the synonym of redevelopment?

What is the synonym of redevelopment?

reconfiguration, refit, reorganization, rebuilding, remediation, rehabilitation, realignment, refurbishment, rearrangement, redeployment, construction, restoration.

What is the synonym of uncaught?

as in unrestrained, unfettered.

What is the synonym of ranged?

Synonyms for ranged. ran. (also chiefly dialectal run), varied, went.

What is redevelopment mean?

Definition of redevelopment : the act or process of redeveloping especially : renovation of a blighted area urban redevelopment.

What’s the meaning of uncaught?

not having been caught
Definition of uncaught : not having been caught an uncaught criminal a fly ball that fell uncaught in the outfield.

Is uncaught a word?

adjective. Not caught. ‘A rough analogy: using a net of a x gauge will fail to catch fish of a certain size, but these uncaught ones are not a definite category of fish. ‘

What is another word for ranging from?

What is another word for ranging?

ambulant ambulatory
covering extensive
spanning sweeping
traversing widespread
on the move drifting

What is another word for wide-ranging?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for wide-ranging, like: extended, global, broad-spectrum, broad, extensive, all-inclusive, all-around, , broad-ranging, inclusive and widespread.

What is an example of redevelopment?

Constructing with a denser land usage, such as the redevelopment of a block of townhouses into a large apartment building. Adaptive reuse, where older structures are converted for improved current market use, such as an industrial mill into housing lofts.

What is development and redevelopment?

What Is The Difference Between Development And Redevelopment? Real estate development is the overall process of improving real property. Redevelopment specifically refers to the real estate development process as applied to a site that has already been improved and built upon.

What is a word for constantly changing?

fast-changing, Evolving, changeable, evolutionary, dynamic.

Is Unapprehended a word?

adjective. 1Not perceived or understood. ‘We are documenting the massive change that is happening, unapprehended, before our eyes. ‘