What is the synonym of tragedy?

What is the synonym of tragedy?

cataclysm, catastrophe, debacle. (also débâcle), disaster.

What’s a word for bad events?

1 mischance, misfortune, misadventure, mishap, accident, blow, reverse, adversity, affliction.

What is Star synonym?

(also cause celebre), celeb, celebrity, figure, icon.

What is the synonym of heartbreaking?

adjective. 1’it would be heartbreaking to see it all collapse’ distressing, upsetting, disturbing, heart-rending, sad, tragic, painful, saddening, traumatic, agonizing, desolating, harrowing, excruciating. pitiful, piteous, poignant, plaintive, affecting, moving, tear-jerking.

What are the different types of tragedy?

Types of Tragedy for Drama Class

Tragedy Level
Greek Tragedy Middle Senior
Roman Tragedy Senior
Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy Middle Senior
Revenge Tragedy Senior

What words describe stars?


  • glittering.
  • luminous.
  • sparkling.
  • stellar.
  • astral.
  • bespangled.
  • bright.
  • celestial.

What words describe death?


  • demise, dying, end, passing, passing away, passing on, loss of life, expiry, expiration, departure from life, final exit, eternal rest.
  • murder, killing, assassination, execution, dispatch, slaying, slaughter, massacre.
  • informal snuffing, curtains, kicking the bucket.
  • Law decease.
  • rare quietus.

What do you call a list of deaths?

An obituary (obit for short) is an article about a recently deceased person. Newspapers often publish obituaries as news articles.

What’s another word for terribly sad?

1 unhappy, despondent, disconsolate, discouraged, gloomy, downcast, downhearted, depressed, dejected, melancholy.

What are the 10 features of drama?

Drama is created and shaped by the elements of drama which, for the Drama ATAR course, are listed as: role, character and relationships, situation, voice, movement, space and time, language and texts, symbol and metaphor, mood and atmosphere, audience and dramatic tension.

What are the 6 elements of tragedy?

In Poetics, he wrote that drama (specifically tragedy) has to include 6 elements: plot, character, thought, diction, music, and spectacle.

What do you call a performance of 3 tragedies?

Its relationship to tragedy is strong; satyr plays were written by tragedians, and satyr plays were performed in the Dionysian festival following the performance of a group of three tragedies. The satyr play’s mythological-heroic stories and the style of language are similar to that of the tragedies.

What are five ways to describe stars?

How do you describe a star in a story?

For the stars, you should again focus on four main aspects: the colour, the reflection, the shape and using an effective simile. Try to think of the different components that make up descriptive writing. It then makes it so much easier to evoke a sensory piece of descriptive writing for the reader.